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Saturday, August 27, 2011

One man media blitz!

Hey I'm on a roll! First local news and now a letter published in the USCCA magazine! Media blitz! You should check it out. It does have some very distinguished contributors. Tam, Oleg, and Kathy for starters! 

Ok, now to scare everyone going to Blogfest in Indy tomorrow. I shot this picture today (click to enbiggen):

Never fear! I will not be able to attend, Zombie Bowling Pin match tomorrow! I have to do that and I have private Handgun instruction before it. Sorry I am going to miss it! I hope y'all have fun up there! I DO have friends in Indiana. So you can actually have a tag that says that? Texas and Indiana are becoming two of my favorite states! 

FTC crap- payed for everything, thanks! 


  1. Texas? Next time you're around South Central Texas you should drop a line. We can grab a bite and turn some money into sound.

  2. 45er- I will take you up on that generous offer if I ever get back there!

  3. What? I don't get it. Do black Ford pickups scare people in Indiana? Is it the wet pavement? :)

  4. Texans know how to have fun.