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Thursday, August 4, 2011


Just installed. It is a wonderful thing! 

Case feeder. Hornady forgot to ship two 10-32 machine nuts. I thought, OK there should be at least a pound of those here, but rummaging through the garage was profitless. Then it hit me to try the laundry room. 

I hope my man card will not be revoked, but this saved the day:

I need to get to the hardware store soon! 


  1. Since you were installing cool reloading equipment your man card is safe Keads. Of course, this is from a man who once had to borrow a hammer from his wife. The one with the flowers on it.

  2. Cool!

    Ms. Fixit? Is that a real thing?

  3. Chicks Dig Screws! (so to speak) ;-)

  4. Will it sort change too? lol

    lol@ DirtCrashr

  5. Six- Thanks! I needed that!

    Brooke- Yeah there was a Ms. Fit-it. Ran around on TV giving really basic tool tips and such.

    DirtCrashr- Yeah so I have heard, LOL!

    NFO- Thanks!

    SS- I am sure it will with the correct accessories!