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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

This Weekend!

Come join me at the it turns the wrong way and you are holding it wrong Colt Collectors Association Annual Convention in Concord, NC!

JayG comments on some grail guns here. Come on down JayG! Last time the convention was here I picked this up:

275 I think three years ago? 

Info for the convention here and send me an email if you can make it! 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Sometimes You Need Some Help.

Here is some trivia for ya. The History Channel series Battle 360 was presented with limited commercial interruption by Enterprise rent a car. Guess why. This guy. Jack C. Taylor, a pilot on the U.S.S Enterprise back in the day. Now the owner of the aforementioned company. 

Oh, Episode 3 of this series pays homage to the "Showboat". If the Capital ship (Carrier USS Enterprise) you are defending radios over to see if you are on fire during an attack at Guadalcanal? Well, BB-55, you did it right. No fire, just a barrage of anti-aircraft fire thrown up by you and your valiant crew. 

Well done! 

Here is the episode. 


Saturday, September 27, 2014

It is Bad Enough on the '13

The V-8 2013 GT Mustang has a "sound induction tube" to port some engine noise into the cockpit. 

They have taken it further in the '15 four banger. Really? Active sound fed into the stereo? Sigh.... Guess they can't really reproduce this anymore.


Any Mustang Nerds Out Here?

Believe it or not, the 1964 and a half Mustang is titled to my Mother. My Father and I are trying to get it back up to speed for her now. One of the pluses is the fact that there are no shoulder harnesses on this ride. This to me is important for her recovery phase.  If you have lived through all of this the lack of a shoulder harness in the event of a wreck does not bother me.

So now we get to seat belts. They came in two flavors in 64-65 production. Delux and standard. I rummaged around the garage today and found these. 

Sadly as was the case back in the day one seat belt was cut. This is the Delux belt. Rear seat belts were a Dealer installed option. Date code of 1-64 would be correct for this ride! Correct color too. 

I can't decode this enough however:


This is a build tag written on the production line I found behind the rear seat. 

Any help out here?

Friday, September 26, 2014

Bad News

Those of you on the book of face already know this. My Mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Lumpectomy was performed and cancer was detected in the Lymph nodes on that side.

She has decided on a double mastectomy. That is scheduled for October 10th. 

I humbly ask for your prayers, well wishes, whatever you do. She is in her 70's. This is not going to be easy. On the other hand we fight. Always. She is a fighter and when asked about reconstruction, well, her reply told me her head is in the game. Decorum prohibits me telling you what she told the doctor. I did do a spit take on it though! She is a smart ass too. I at least can say I get it honest.



Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Got Wood?

I do. Some new wood that was presented during the M1 Garand AMC class in June. It came out of a box. Looks like this. 

So now that if conditions allow I will take this to my friends Blogshoot in November. 

My question to you is this. What to put on the wood? Pressed Linseed Oil, LinSpeed (the same thing but with a small amount of solvent in it), Flitz "Gun Wax", etc? 

What do I need to put on this wood? 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Help the Animals

If you can send some coin here. Because you know we need more of this happening =).


Sunday, September 21, 2014

What is FoMoCo Doing?

I guess I am slowly sliding into Curmudgeon territory. Why on God's green earth does a 302 CID V-8 engine now take EIGHT QUARTS OF OIL! 

In a weird weight too. Back in the day it was 10W-30 or 10W-40. Five quarts. 

I'm getting old. 

 New happy ride. 302 CID V-8.

 Old happy ride. With FIVE QUARTS of oil.302 CID V-8. AND it used to be Motorcraft oil filter FL-1A for pretty much all V-8 engines.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

1 ADAM 12 See the man!

I know some things about restoring a first generation Mustang. I will never compete in the MCA shows. I can get it close but will never push a car out of a trailer. They all were driven to the shows back in the day. 

I was stunned when I went down this rabbit hole today for some reason. 

Yeah there are people trying to recreate the squad car from the TV show ADAM 12. This got my attention:

Yeah they go that deep. Its one thing to restore a 40 year old car correctly. It has to be more difficult to add the correct  police hardware!

The big thing I got from this was that someone is making repro License plates for cars. They are pricey, but dang. I love the fact I can do so if I wish! 

If you want to see the Dodges, AMC, and other stuff from the TV show go to the link.

Monday, September 15, 2014


No, not me. Not here. Over there. My good friend Murphy's Law is up to his old tricks again. Looks like a who's who of things that go BANG will be there. 

Come and shoot some stuff! Hang out with great people, eat some good food and have a great time. 

Me? I might bring some stuff of interest myself as well. 

These are the first things that come to mind. 
Hope to see ya there! Any questions contact info is over at his Blog and you can call or email me as well. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Friday, September 5, 2014

AR Crack!

I don't have a problem, I can quit at any time! Take this:

Add this stuff:

 And you end up with this:

I don't think I want to hang anything else off the beater M-4! Well, maybe a sling, and..... Any recommendations on a sling?


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Yeah, I'm Holding it Wrong!

According to really good revolver shooters including Jerry Miculek, I hold a revolver wrong. I will not debate the wisdom behind such shooters that are WAY better than I. 

I will say this though. I have small hands. As long as my thumbs do not get into the area around the trigger on a DA I am fine. I have also been taught to do the same thing every time you pick up a Handgun. Semi-Automatic or Revolver. 

I do not put my left thumb across the backstrap, nor do I hook it over my right thumb. 
So I ask you as Mr. Curmudgeon and I shot yesterday the range took a video. I am at his home range and I am not an instructor there. 

I can see my right thumb moving between shots. I am shooting .357 Magnums not .38 SPL. I know I need to work on that, but your opnion would be appreciated and I now know that video can be a great training tool.