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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Perhaps this is a better waste of time?

So last night I posted on a new game. Ehh.. I really suck at them, but tried anyway. Perhaps this is a better way to spend an evening?

Oh, and the fact I have a bunch of 9mm brass cleaning! Magpul's "The Art of the Dynamic Handgun" DVD's are here as well as an eight camera CCTV system. I routinely install security/surveillance systems for friends, family, and associates.

This one is going out to a local merchant next week. Over the years I have been impressed with the increasing sophistication of these systems. Look at live streams on your mobile phone, check! Get an e-mail or text message if motion is detected by the system, check! No longer running coax cable with Siamese wiring for DC power to the cameras, Check! 

I do pride myself on the fact that I leave instructions for all of this stuff with the owners. I DO NOT want the installer, master, or any user codes in my possession when I leave. I tell them how to change them!  

So for tomorrow the evil zombie bowling pins return!    

Friday, July 29, 2011

This Weekend's Time Waster!

As if I do not have enough on the plate this arrived today:

To make matters worse, I really suck out loud on these things, but like a moth to a flame....

Thursday, July 28, 2011

From the Bench..

Here we have a Bersa .380 Thunder brought to me with a broken safety lever. I did not strip it all the way down, I just let it soak in this for a while:

Ultrasonic cleaner with the USTC method of 50% Simple Green and 50% water. Then hosed it down with Break Free and let it sit for a couple of days. 

Then reassembly with the new safety lever (broken one is upper right):

Function checked except for live fire here, off to the range tomorrow with this little handgun! I did clean the magazine. I think a cigarette butt fell out of it!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Over at VFTP...

Tam notes that some songs can make you drop the top and run with it. I call her BMW convertible and Blondie's Atomic with a 1967 Cadillac De Ville convertible and the B-52's!

The pic is from 1979. The car is still here however!

Song is here:


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

For My New Bodyguard Owners!

Take a look here (Click to enlarge):

I strongly recommend removing the LASER assembly while cleaning! S&W will give you another impossibly small Allen wrench if asked, but hang on to the one you have!

Check both sides for proper activation of the LASER. Put some light Break Free or gun oil on the lens to help when cleaning time comes. DO NOT use solvent on the lens in the dust cover! I recommend a cotton swab with some window cleaner.

Don't get me wrong, I like the gun but dumping solvent into this assembly will not turn out well!

Range Report- Bodyguard 380 REPOST!

 Several Bloggers picked up one of these today. The Feral Irishman and North join the club! This is a repost for them!

So the S&W .380 Bodyguard showed back up after visiting the homeland. I ran 100 rounds through it today and here are my thoughts. Out of the box looks like this:

Almost looks like a small daytimer planner or something. Understated same color logo embroidered on the case.

Ships with one 6 round magazine. Finger extension on the bottom, and also comes with a flat butt plate to enhance concealment.

 It is equipped with a disassembly lever, slide stop and thumb safety on the left side. Magazine release also on the left side. Magazine release is somewhat shielded and requires some effort to actuate. It is not equipped with a magazine disconnect safety (fine by me)! 

Breaks down great! 

Magazines have a bright orange follower. Real easy to see it and I think it is a nice touch. 
Shoot? Well it is designed as a defensive handgun. Close work. It is equipped with usable iron sights. In fact I will say that these sights are the best of the "mouseguns". The Kel-Tec P3-AT and the Ruger LCP are far below this curve.

This weapon is also equipped with an integral Insight laser. The laser activation is not as intuitive as the Crimson Trace jobs I have. Ambidextrous push buttons are located on the front of the gun on the dust cover (gray button in pics). Push once for constant on, twice for strobe and again for off. There is an auto off feature after five minutes of operation. I find the strobe feature superfluous and annoying.

So we go at it with iron sights at 10 yards. I would consider this "good enough". This was with Remington .380 95 grain ammo:

Ok, we are working the gun! Lets try the laser:

First two shots are low, the remaining three I will accept! These were with my reloads. Hornady 100 grain bullets loaded with TiteGroup powder, 2.3 grains. 700 FPS per the book, I have not chronographed to confirm (yet).

LOOONG trigger pull. So much so for a DAO that I think the thumb safety is unneeded for carry. Once you figure it out however, no big deal. The other thing about the DAO is if you get a light primer strike I think I would pull the trigger again on the same round before doing the tap, rack drill.

Size compares favorably to the Kel-Tec.

The DeSantis holster offered by S&W was the bomb! No break in required and fit like a glove!

Verdict? I would much rather have a .45ACP with me, but for right now this gun is promoted to carry!  No failure to feed or fire so far. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Range Review- The Phaser Type II

So I took this to the range today.

The good? 
NO recoil. I seem to have an earlier model than currently in use. They seem to show some recoil.
NO reloading. Keep pulling that trigger and it keeps shooting!
VERY light weight!

The Bad?
No sights. Again, current models seem to have them
The grips are a bit on the small side, perhaps some Hogue or Pachmayer's are available?
The setting knob is a bit difficult to figure out! 
No holsters, seems you need a specialized weapon belt or velcro. 

Here is the only shot we took today (click to enbiggen):

Whoops! SO much for the backstop! After extinguishing the small grass fire out back we decided to stop further testing!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Range Review Preview!

Here is the technical data:

Looks like this:

Field stripped:

Can't wait to get it on the range tomorrow! Hope I set it correctly, I would HATE to put a hole in the backstop!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Cutting Edge Update!

So after spending another fruitless night with HP "Engineering" doing the same crap as the evening before I decided to put one more attempt at it on my own.  Yes it got geeky:

It seems that for what ever reason, my setup does not like using the wireless or USB connection to the HP thingy. Tried direct connect Ethernet:

Well that worked! Sorry to say that I wasted two full evenings of my life screwing with HP support. I knew better than that, but did so anyway! Stupid me! 

So for some therapy I fired this up:

I know I can fix anything here!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When dealing with the cutting edge of technology....

The blood on the floor is your own. Behold the "All in One" that lost its magic smoke. In its defense it is old and was worked hard:

"All in One" is code for not doing all tasks as well as a dedicated piece of equipment in my opinion, but desk space is limited. I really wanted an ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) this go round. I need to store paperwork from CCH classes and scanning to PDF is the bomb! 

So I got one of the latest greatest thingies:

I don't know why it wants its own email address or to be connected to the Internet, but hey lets see what it does first OK?

Print? OK. Copy? OK. Fax? OK. Scan? NO! I have been through everything the HP tech support Web site offers for three days. To no avail. So last night I spent 3 hours of quality time with a HP support tech. He basically did everything I did via VNC remote control. I HATE that! I have been bumped up and "engineering" is supposed to call me back tomorrow evening. At the same time I had to scan for crap they might have dropped on my PC. Sigh......

Oh, at the same time my Directv DVR told me it REALLY wants to connect to the Interwebz. So it is not cool enough to receive 300 channels of crap FROM SPACE? OK. I got one of these:

First thing from DirecTv? I need an upgraded receiver. They will be here August 4th "between 12-4 PM".  Sigh again.....

I will post an AAR on class the past weekend as soon as I can figure out if I need to send this piece of felgercarb back to whence it came!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Congratulations are in order for my SIXTEEN new shooters today in my Basic Pistol Class. What was really wonderful was it was comprised of Families. The bad part? There were only 6 students on the sign in sheet yesterday! It threw all of us at the range into a bit of panic. We adapted and overcame!

It has been said that people that like sausage and hot dogs should not see how they are made. Well pretty much the same for a Basic Pistol Class (clicken to embiggen):


Yes I do use Tupperware to lock in the freshness of my dummy rounds! 

So for tomorrow I have six students on the books for CCH. I'm scared! Lets see how many I get.

So for tomorrow a quick country breakfast and off for a day of it:

Before I get any Coffee snob comments please note the grinder behind the Maxwell House stuff. I can enjoy the best coffee freshly ground here and do so on occasion. Quite frankly I am not looking for a subtle nuance of some flavor in the morning. I am looking for my caffeine! 
I have my "shoot me first" attire ready to go to:

5.11 pants behind the USTC shirt. Note: If your clothing comes with instructions on what pocket is for what item (magazine, knife, cell phone, etc.) you are now elevated to Tacticool (or mall ninja). I never really got the whole thing behind it but I consider it a work uniform now. 
I hope everyone has a great week and wish me luck for tomorrow! 

Oh I bought everything here so the FTC can bite me!

For My Friend..

Miranda Lambert tune....

For My Friend...

And for me as well.

Friday, July 15, 2011


I may be late to this game, but I just found this guy. Steven Crowder. A conservative comedian! 


What's up with this? I cannot get parts for handguns still!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All hands!

Another sad update from the USS Laffey Association:

We have lost another WWII shipmate.
Bob Karr, Plankowner and survivor of Okinawa passed away on June 8, 2011.
Bob was a quiet, gentle man with a great smile.
Our sympathies go out to Ardeth and her family.
Please remember them in your prayers.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

UPDATE! Forgive me JMB!

I am going to the dark side:

For the class in September I will be taking a pistol that some say "have no soul". I agree, but after shooting a 26 year old Colt M1911 in the rain, shoving magazines back in her that were on the gravel at USTC, I feel better about it. That Pistol is becoming a Family Heirloom. I do carry it for classes and I am torn about carrying it any more.

Drop the M&P? Holster wear? Don't care.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Borepatch has this concerning 50's automotive happiness.

I call and raise with this!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

USS Laffey

Many have asked why I post about her. The answer is simple. I visited her several years ago. I was impressed by the story of her. The most devastating Kamikaze attack on a single ship ever. She served a long time. She was in good shape cosmetically. I came to know that was because of the "work parties", veterans that volunteer to clean, paint, and maintain her to this day. I joined the Association.

I have conversed with Ari and others who served on her.   I am humbled to be in the presence of these Men, even on this electronic media.

Thank you Sir!

From the president of the USS Laffey (DD-724) Association sad news. Brigid also has an excellent post about this.


We have lost another of our WWII heroes.

On November 14, 2010 another plankowner has passed.

George Rusk WT3, Plankowner and survivor of Okinawa has moved on to join his shipmates. George was 90 years old.

Please remember him in your prayers and thoughts.

George will be honored at our memorial service at the reunion in Savannah.


Fair seas and following winds Sailor. Your service will not be forgotten!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Retro Sunday.. Sax!

A really great tune! Mark Knopfler with Dire Straits. I of course have the LP and CD:

Pretty much sums it up!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Fourth!

Great link to a couple of songs here. Remember!

Signs of Impending Doom!

Uh, so it seems if you leave powder in this it deforms it:

So I called Hornady and they DO have an amusing automated thingy on the phone. Got to where I needed to go real fast. Gentleman asked if I stored powder in the melting powder tube. I said yes. I was advised not to do that. New one on the way, no charge.

I'm sorry, I did not see that in the manual and if something is called out in nomenclature as a "powder tube" I assumed it could hold, like you know, powder. Props to Hornady for the replacement but you are kidding right?

Next on the hit parade? This:

Colt is out of stock on safeties and slide stops for 1911's HELLO? Y'all still make stuff up there or what? 

Next we have this:

I can get all of this stuff but three Wholesalers can't produce a Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm Pro?

Midway USA is back-ordered on 9mm dies? So is Midsouth Shooters? WTF?

I really NEED the gun for the AFSF class coming up in September. Barring that, guess what. I will be taking this with me again: