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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Perhaps this is a better waste of time?

So last night I posted on a new game. Ehh.. I really suck at them, but tried anyway. Perhaps this is a better way to spend an evening?

Oh, and the fact I have a bunch of 9mm brass cleaning! Magpul's "The Art of the Dynamic Handgun" DVD's are here as well as an eight camera CCTV system. I routinely install security/surveillance systems for friends, family, and associates.

This one is going out to a local merchant next week. Over the years I have been impressed with the increasing sophistication of these systems. Look at live streams on your mobile phone, check! Get an e-mail or text message if motion is detected by the system, check! No longer running coax cable with Siamese wiring for DC power to the cameras, Check! 

I do pride myself on the fact that I leave instructions for all of this stuff with the owners. I DO NOT want the installer, master, or any user codes in my possession when I leave. I tell them how to change them!  

So for tomorrow the evil zombie bowling pins return!    


  1. Evil zombie bowling pins. Always a good time.

  2. Enjoy the shoot! And those systems ARE getting easier to install :-)

  3. I don't have one of these systems. But it does remind me of a funny story. When I moved into this house I live in now it was previously owned by a much Older lady. She had one of the old security systems (the ones that sounded like a train coming at you when you tried to open the door) I can't tell you how many times I accidently set the alarm off. But everytime I did it. I would take off running. So yes I would say that one worked until I got tired of scaring myself to death.