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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Range Review- The Phaser Type II

So I took this to the range today.

The good? 
NO recoil. I seem to have an earlier model than currently in use. They seem to show some recoil.
NO reloading. Keep pulling that trigger and it keeps shooting!
VERY light weight!

The Bad?
No sights. Again, current models seem to have them
The grips are a bit on the small side, perhaps some Hogue or Pachmayer's are available?
The setting knob is a bit difficult to figure out! 
No holsters, seems you need a specialized weapon belt or velcro. 

Here is the only shot we took today (click to enbiggen):

Whoops! SO much for the backstop! After extinguishing the small grass fire out back we decided to stop further testing!


  1. Dude, I think you opened a wormhole.

  2. Keads, your geek cred is officially solidified.

  3. *snerk* gotta love fellow nerds. :)

  4. You're killing me Keads. I'm loving these posts!

  5. LOL- You're having WAY too much fun with this... :-)

  6. 45er- As long as it does not end up at the "Mall in Space" known as DS9, I'm cool with it!

    Rev. Paul- Thanks!

    ShepardK- Why thanks!

    Laura- Thanks!

    Six- Thanks! I have had fun with this one. So many gun Blogs I come across are loaded with volumes of drivel! To them I say: "Lighten up Francis".

    ProudHillbilly- LOL! Dead on it you are!

    NFO- Yes I enjoyed this one and thanks to everyone that enjoyed it as well! I just cannot find one the Phaser rifles, they seem to be hard to come by!

  7. It looks like one shot would be all it would take. But still ?

  8. Thanks for stopping by the blog.. I am adding you to my list :)


  9. PISSED- You are welcome! And thanks for that.