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Friday, July 1, 2011

Signs of Impending Doom!

Uh, so it seems if you leave powder in this it deforms it:

So I called Hornady and they DO have an amusing automated thingy on the phone. Got to where I needed to go real fast. Gentleman asked if I stored powder in the melting powder tube. I said yes. I was advised not to do that. New one on the way, no charge.

I'm sorry, I did not see that in the manual and if something is called out in nomenclature as a "powder tube" I assumed it could hold, like you know, powder. Props to Hornady for the replacement but you are kidding right?

Next on the hit parade? This:

Colt is out of stock on safeties and slide stops for 1911's HELLO? Y'all still make stuff up there or what? 

Next we have this:

I can get all of this stuff but three Wholesalers can't produce a Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm Pro?

Midway USA is back-ordered on 9mm dies? So is Midsouth Shooters? WTF?

I really NEED the gun for the AFSF class coming up in September. Barring that, guess what. I will be taking this with me again:



  1. 'Tis the world of firearms manufacturers. Sometimes I don't know if it is actually increased demand or the manufacturers throwing dice with their production numbers, but I have to say some of the things I find out of stock cause confusion in my little brain.

    Oh, and what's up with the "powder tube"? I've never heard of that. Huh. Glad I learned the easy way.

  2. Meh... sounds like gun sales are up (again)... :-)

  3. @45er- I cannot leave "Certain Powders" in the reloading tube. OK, but you should have told me that!

    @NFO- I really wonder. Sales up is a good thing!

  4. Your experience with Hornady reminds me of my experience with RCBS. I bought an autoprime for my Rock Chucker Supreme, and the base of it was made of some cast junk metal and threaded to allow the primer tower to attach. There was no way to mount the primer tower to the press, and it was bumped one day while reloading. This snapped the autoprime base at the base of the threads. I called RCBS and offered to buy a new base. They asked for my address and said they'd send a new one for free. I was pleased with them offering to send a new base, but three days later, I received an entire autoprime kit! That's how business should be done!

  5. @ Theredneckedengineer- Yes Hornady was excellent! And welcome!

  6. Thanks for the warm welcome! I'll add you to my feed.