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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

For My New Bodyguard Owners!

Take a look here (Click to enlarge):

I strongly recommend removing the LASER assembly while cleaning! S&W will give you another impossibly small Allen wrench if asked, but hang on to the one you have!

Check both sides for proper activation of the LASER. Put some light Break Free or gun oil on the lens to help when cleaning time comes. DO NOT use solvent on the lens in the dust cover! I recommend a cotton swab with some window cleaner.

Don't get me wrong, I like the gun but dumping solvent into this assembly will not turn out well!


  1. Totally off topic, but I finally got to Penzey's and got you a couple jars of my favorite spices for you to try as you requested.

    Drop me your mailing address again at my home addy, I don't have the original one.


  2. Interesting. North might want to swing by as I saw some gorgeous pics of this little guy on his as well. I think I may look into one of these if I opt for another .380 for Mrs. 45er and I can keep the Kel Tec.

  3. 45er- Check the next oldest post on my Blog- Repost of the Bodyguard review I did in December last year. The P3-AT failed even after factory repair. I think they do not expect anyone to run 3 to 5K rounds through them.

    Having said that I LOVED shooting the Kel-Tek! Fun gun to shoot. I HATE that once I get the Kel-Tek broken in and can really drive it, it's done!

  4. I haven't posted yet because I'm needing to do more testing, but I had a pretty significant failure with the Kel Tec this weekend. The linkage from the trigger to the hammer just stopped working. It didn't make me feel warm and fuzzy. I got it working again, but I think it's going home for a look-see.

  5. 45er- The Kel-Tek has left me underwhelmed. Two here, two failed. One went back for factory repair. I have a review on the blog, I will go try to find it for you tomorrow. I simply think they are playing the odds. I don't think they are expecting people to run more than 50 rounds through it so they can get the concealed carry permit.

    For most, they may be right!

  6. I think I'll send Brigid my shopping list. :-D

    The gun will be fired by me and the lovely Mrs North on date night.

    I did a light gun cleaning when I received the gun. I'll avoid solvent.

  7. True dat on removing the laser. I ruined one earlier this year.

  8. Another reason for me NOT to get a laser :-)

  9. B.- Thanks!

    North- Let me know what y'all think about it!

    Matt- Yeah they are touchy!

    NFO- Ok, so you are truly a Luddite at heart huh? ;-)