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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When dealing with the cutting edge of technology....

The blood on the floor is your own. Behold the "All in One" that lost its magic smoke. In its defense it is old and was worked hard:

"All in One" is code for not doing all tasks as well as a dedicated piece of equipment in my opinion, but desk space is limited. I really wanted an ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) this go round. I need to store paperwork from CCH classes and scanning to PDF is the bomb! 

So I got one of the latest greatest thingies:

I don't know why it wants its own email address or to be connected to the Internet, but hey lets see what it does first OK?

Print? OK. Copy? OK. Fax? OK. Scan? NO! I have been through everything the HP tech support Web site offers for three days. To no avail. So last night I spent 3 hours of quality time with a HP support tech. He basically did everything I did via VNC remote control. I HATE that! I have been bumped up and "engineering" is supposed to call me back tomorrow evening. At the same time I had to scan for crap they might have dropped on my PC. Sigh......

Oh, at the same time my Directv DVR told me it REALLY wants to connect to the Interwebz. So it is not cool enough to receive 300 channels of crap FROM SPACE? OK. I got one of these:

First thing from DirecTv? I need an upgraded receiver. They will be here August 4th "between 12-4 PM".  Sigh again.....

I will post an AAR on class the past weekend as soon as I can figure out if I need to send this piece of felgercarb back to whence it came!


  1. It is a conspiracy to get us to buy as much useless garbage as possible when really all we needed we had the first time. I swear you upgrade this software and then you need to buy this for that to work right and then you fix that and this other thing now needs something. Bah humbug!

  2. In my house, electronic issues have to wait until my daughter or nephew arrive for a visit. As long as the coffee pot works.

  3. I see you have an image of gun pointing at the "all but one" device.

  4. Utterly disposable junk. Grr.

  5. Less is more..... More is less.....

  6. Lila- You are right!

    ProudHillbilly- Yes! If the coffee pot works life is good!

    Supi- LOL! "The all but one device". You win this Blog today!

    Brooke- Yes it all is!

    Matt- True that!

    NFO- You Sir are absolutely correct!

  7. Kinda makes us feel old. These wizards are developing this stuff faster than the things and people that use them evolve. I just had a scanner problem. It was fixed in the "System Preferences" of my Mac OSX Snow Leopard. It seems Mac took over the control of the scanner from HP in the last upgrade. Did I tell you they forgot to mention it?