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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

So a Twist on an Old Story.

Today it was decided to get this back running and on the road.

The one on the right. A 1964 and 1/2 Coupe. It has a long tortured story over the decades it has been under my care. It should have not gotten to that point or involved lawyers but it did. Supposedly I am under a condition of the settlement with the "restoration" shop that did work for me in the past and held on to the car for A YEAR while this car was viewed as an asset to the business and it was sold. The car was already in perfect mechanical condition thanks to humble efforts and the year of sitting around in a body shop killed that. 

So, if you actually want a Mustang fender emblem PUT ON BACKWARDS on a NEW NOS Fender I can tell you there is a place in Walnut Cove that can do that. 

I look forward to seeing this car on the road again. This Mustang will at the end of the day be worth more than the other four here. It has great provenance and options including seat belts, back up lights, power steering, and A/C! 

Putting this on the rear valence will be a sweet victory. 


Can't wait!      

Monday, July 21, 2014

Punching the Geek Card....

In case you did not know it the second pilot (the first one was officially judged too cerebral by NBC) ordered by NBC for Star Trek TOS had a very special cinematographer. He showed up for the job interview and brought no resume, no cover letter. He showed up for the gig as a favor for a friend as he was retired. When the interview ran he simply said: "I did this little thing called Gone with the Wind".  Word. Best response for that job interview ever! 

Thanks Ernest B. "Ernie" Haller

Oh, the studios were owned by Desi Arnaz and his wife Lucille Ball. Star Trek was filmed after they separated and "Lucy" was running the studios.

My geek card should be good for a week or so! 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

This Happened Today

A really cool mashup of graphics and audio of the Apollo 11 landing


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Human Laser Toys...

These arrived today at stately manor in my absence. I'll run them through the paces sometime next week. Concealed Carry Handgun class tomorrow =).


Friday, July 18, 2014

A Question About Perceptions....

So tomorrow I will wander off to teach a "Handgun Familiarization" class. This class assumes (correctly it seems most of the time) that the students have never touched a handgun. Much hay has been made over "gun culture version 1.0 vs. version 2.0." 

I get that. So my questions for tonight. I know anyone that wanders by here is a gunnie I think, but.....

I show up in 5.11 pants, boots, and some shirt that says I can do this. I would be a poster boy for gun culture 1.0 and SWPL. The classroom is fantastic and then I pull this stuff out:

So, my questions are: 

Should I tone down the apparel? Just show up in some jeans and maybe an Oxford shirt?

Second. If you look at the picture above you will see a preponderance of Smith and Wesson hardware. 

So, if you were taking a "this end of the handgun is where the bullet comes out" class from me would you interpret the hardware as an endorsement for that manufacturer? I do go get a Glock Gen 3 something and a Beretta 92FS from the range and present them as well, but this post is about perceptions. I only have this 5 hour class to introduce these people to this. I do tell them that I payed for everything and nothing is on "T&E" from the manufacturer. 

What say you? Mix it up more? I'm worrying too much, something in between? 

I strive to make my classes better and any feedback would be appricated. Hell, you want to sit in on a class and give feedback? I'll buy ya Dinner.   


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Looks like Smith and Wesson gave up on Insight

For the Bodyguard line of handguns. First they seem to have rebranded them into the M&P line and then announce they are now available with Crimson Trace lasers. As an early adopter of this .380 after less than a satisfactory experience with the *-Tek something .380, I picked one of these up when first introduced.  Make no mistake, the trigger is like pulling a sled through a gravel pit, but for what it is and what it does I find it acceptable. Besides, if I put this in a pocket holster I WANT a long trigger on it. Real Estate there is probably not worth as much as I think but.....

Although I think a laser on a "bad breath" distance defensive handgun is a bit superfluous I payed for it and it should work. This is Insight laser #3 on this thing. S&W replaced it free every time. 

Interesting to see that Crimson Trace has stepped up to replace the Insight laser it seems.

Looks like a drop in so S&W did not have to change anything except the laser branding on the lower. Wonder if they will send me one and is it really a direct replacement? Looks like it.  

Oh, +1 on the "Don't look at laser with remaining good eye" stickers on the video! Heh...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hey Murph!

Murph! We need to check this out! It is close to ya and I can teach you how to wear a sport jacket after 5PM if you want to hang out there =)You can teach me about "driving."