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Saturday, August 30, 2014


Today did not go as planned. There is always something around here that needs attention though!

So after some rubbing we get this:

A Ruger 3 Screw Super Blackhawk and a Puma knife. This has been in the family for at least 40 years. 

That's better! 



Friday, August 29, 2014

I Have an Unexpected Friend Tonight

So on the front porch we run across this lump of something.

Aside from the spec house tolerances I thought perhaps it was one of these. 

This is a Hummingbird nest. So light and small they are usually held in place with stolen spider web threads. 

After getting the Surefire out and putting on some glasses *sigh* it is a bird. I hope it enjoys its stay tonight. 

Tomorrow I am on the road. Going to go for some recoil therapy.

Yeah, I'm taking the honking camera with me. Maybe it will get used =)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

AR Handguards

So since I can't keep well enough alone on the beater M4 I have decided to replace the hand guards with some Magpul happiness. So I can hang a light on the front of it of course. 

So how do ya get the craptacular original ones off? Seems like depressing the Delta ring should do it but the upper was fully assembled on this kit. 

Any suggestions? 


Monday, August 25, 2014

A Great Bit of History!

It was close by this weekend, but I did not make it there. Other history was being made. The Shot Tower.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Paint Removal?

Anybody have any ideas on safely removing some paint applied to the front sight of the Python? I don't want to start digging on the thing. 


Monday, August 18, 2014

Look What Showed Up Today...

Timing is everything. 

Guess I can watch it and see if I did this right =)

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Horse Snake is Here!

Sorry, I meant the Colt Python. I have shot others and listened to all the praise lauded on this storied revolver. 

So one night a couple of weeks ago one is on auction and about to close. I call a friend and he says "looks good don't go over X dollars." I realize that the guy whips out hardware that amazes me when I actually get to shoot with him and I should have run away then. 

We watch the auction and I ended up at X + 180 dollars. After some delays (USPS sucks and why are you sending this hardware in this method anyway.) I end up with this today. 

 4" barrel Colt Python. To me in really good shape and my friend sent the short version of the Colt Revolver Shop Manual for checking timing. The one thing that has to go is this:

The craptacular aftermarket grips. We try these repos. 

They suck out loud and off key. Some fitting will be needed to get them where they need to be if that is possible at all. I rummage around and find these:

I have no idea where they came from or why they are here. I do not have the correct hardware to attach them to the revolver and the right side grip has some damage. Sigh.... This revolver needs the correct grips for such a storied handgun. Anybody got grips with the gold medallions for a Colt I frame?

Shoot it tomorrow and a joke for ya. There are only certain people I can talk to on a Friday night and tell them "I'm rubbing my Python" and they don't think I'm a sick perverted person! Thanks for talking tonight my friends and for the advise.

So why do these objects attract people? Or me specifically? There are many modern firearms that have advantages over this Python. They are lighter, cheaper, and have more capacity than this revolver. Easier to drive too I might add.  Much like the 50 year old cars here. 

Still. It is a siren song I cannot ignore. The cars just as the Firearms are machines. I do appreciate the skill and talent in creating these relics as opposed to hitting "play" on the CNC machines. 

This is why I find all the background noise about "my gun vs. this gun" so much noise.