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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

UPDATE! Forgive me JMB!

I am going to the dark side:

For the class in September I will be taking a pistol that some say "have no soul". I agree, but after shooting a 26 year old Colt M1911 in the rain, shoving magazines back in her that were on the gravel at USTC, I feel better about it. That Pistol is becoming a Family Heirloom. I do carry it for classes and I am torn about carrying it any more.

Drop the M&P? Holster wear? Don't care.


  1. I wouldn't carry it any except for classes. The way things are going, if you you had to use it in a CCW situation and wound up on the losing end legally, you might not ever see it again.

    Just my thoughts.

  2. LOL- You're doing the right thing Keads, just bring it out on 'special' occasions!

  3. Welcome to the "dark" tupperware side. Yeah, I have a really nice 1911 that I love, but I'd sure hate to lose it. My regular carry is Glock. I do enjoy shooting that 1911 so much more, though.

  4. @ Matt- that came into play too!

    @ NFO a "BBQ gun" as they say in Texas?

    @ 45er- True that!

  5. If a 1911 still calls, there's lots of good, not too expensive choices out there. A Springer or a Para, something in the 6-7 hundred dollar range.

  6. @ ASM826- Yes, good council to be sure! The Para is made close to here. Thanks! The 1911 will always call!