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Friday, July 29, 2011

This Weekend's Time Waster!

As if I do not have enough on the plate this arrived today:

To make matters worse, I really suck out loud on these things, but like a moth to a flame....


  1. That game is quite a bit of fun. I've played it through once, and am resisting ther urge to play it again with the DLC because it does suck up so much time.

    Then again, I'll be doomed when Dead Island comes out anyways.

  2. I have stayed away from getting a game system. I know I will spend way too much time on it, to I try to avoid.

  3. LOL- One 'good' thing about being an old fart is I'm not a game player... :-)

  4. Mr. Eads Step away from the remote control with your hands up!

    What kind of game system are you playing with?

  5. NFO- I have another game you may find interesting, I will try to screen shot it and post!

    stopsign- PS3!

  6. I'm an old fart, and I've been hooked on them since the original omni system came out with one game...pong.
    They are cheaper than golf (which is just as senseless a game to play), and I gave up hunting years ago. Another very expensive "sport".

  7. ambisinistral- I have not gotten the DLC either! So far it is fun, and welcome!

    45er- I mainly got the PS3 for the Blu-Ray DVD player and the media streaming from my PC and Netflix. I really DO suck and the 3 games I have, but I occasionally try them out.

    kx59- LOL! I tried Golf. Sliced more balls than a Veterinarian! And it IS expensive.