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Saturday, July 16, 2011


Congratulations are in order for my SIXTEEN new shooters today in my Basic Pistol Class. What was really wonderful was it was comprised of Families. The bad part? There were only 6 students on the sign in sheet yesterday! It threw all of us at the range into a bit of panic. We adapted and overcame!

It has been said that people that like sausage and hot dogs should not see how they are made. Well pretty much the same for a Basic Pistol Class (clicken to embiggen):


Yes I do use Tupperware to lock in the freshness of my dummy rounds! 

So for tomorrow I have six students on the books for CCH. I'm scared! Lets see how many I get.

So for tomorrow a quick country breakfast and off for a day of it:

Before I get any Coffee snob comments please note the grinder behind the Maxwell House stuff. I can enjoy the best coffee freshly ground here and do so on occasion. Quite frankly I am not looking for a subtle nuance of some flavor in the morning. I am looking for my caffeine! 
I have my "shoot me first" attire ready to go to:

5.11 pants behind the USTC shirt. Note: If your clothing comes with instructions on what pocket is for what item (magazine, knife, cell phone, etc.) you are now elevated to Tacticool (or mall ninja). I never really got the whole thing behind it but I consider it a work uniform now. 
I hope everyone has a great week and wish me luck for tomorrow! 

Oh I bought everything here so the FTC can bite me!


  1. Luck is for the unprepared and I get the distinct feeling you do not fall into that category! Have fun. One never learns a subject so well as when he teaches it. I'd take a class from you.

  2. Your class will go quite well, I am sure!

    And coffee is coffee... Unless you get it where I work. ;)

  3. LOL- Preparation... key to success :-) Go shoot em good!

  4. Very cool! Hope things went well.

  5. Each one teach... er, a bunch. :)

    Hope it went well!

  6. Hope it went well! Looks like fun anyhow.

  7. @ Six- I am honored!

    @ Brooke- +1 on the coffee at work comment! We buy our own in my shop.

    @ NFO- I did shoot them good!

    @ Guffaw- They did go well thanks!

    @ Tam- Bunches taught!

    @ 45er- I do enjoy Basic Pistol!

    @ DirtCrashr- It is fun to de Hollywood this stuff to new shooters.

    @ Matt- Separate post coming!

    @ Supi- Wonderful, but stressful! Separate post coming!