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Sunday, January 29, 2017

From the Bench!

A long time friend asks if I can "clean up" his fathers and then his shotgun.  It was my friends first one and says it has sit for several decades.  I say of course.  

He brings me a Remington Model 58 in 16 gauge.  This is the first gas operated model offered by Remington.  I get to it. 


Disassembly quickly showed that everything needed a bath.

 Everything that could fit got stuffed into a ultrasonic cleaner.  Springs were replaced and attention was given to the gas selector knob.  You controlled the amount of gas to the action of the shotty by selecting "H" or "L" denoting high or low brass.   I used sight paint to bring that back. 


Then the shell latches came out.  Supposedly you CAN reassemble the gun without staking them back in but that seems to require about 4 hands, a third eye, and a dead chickens fresh blood arrayed in a replica of the Remington logo.  I got the tool to put them back in. 

Then attention to the metal.  Look at the engraving! 

Finally get it all back together. 


Now the best part.  Function check!  It shot fantastic.
Although only made from 1956 to 1963, this shotgun and the lessons learned from it morphed into the venerable Model 1100 that is still made today.  

I am very proud to give this shotty back to my friend so that he can pass it down to his grandson when the time comes.  What a great piece of history.  Thanks for dropping it off my friend!