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Monday, July 29, 2013

It's Always the Indian not the Arrow!

An old saying but I will postulate this: If you have a really good arrow that helps! 

So on Saturday last I wander up to Mr. and Mrs. Curmudgeon's house at the northern command center to test the new Colt. We get to it posthaste. 


So after getting to know each other Mr. Curmudgeon and I were stunned! NO perceptible take up on the trigger. I'm not all of that with a handgun, but the trigger I could not feel as it engaged the sear. If you put your booger hook on the boom switch this thing was going to go boom! 

The Novak style Trijicon sights were dead on and it functioned flawlessly. We did not disassemble from the factory prior to firing. The new Wilson Combat magazines were oh, how shall we put this, REALLY, REALLY stiff! We could only get 5 or 6 rounds in them. We went back to a Wolff mag for the rest of our session. 

After getting comfortable at 5 and 7 yards we pushed it out to 12 to 15. Here is what both of us did:


I'll take that all day long! 

The Colt is sweetness and light! 

So we get done and wash up in the restroom. There seems to be a malfunction there. Above the sink here is this:


LOL! The caption reads "Image is important. Unfortunately our mirror is broken". 

Sadly, the Colt seems to be defective. 


For this kind of cash I thought it was self cleaning!

Friday, July 26, 2013

If It's Good Enough for the Devil Dogs.....

It should be good enough for me! I picked this up today. I wonder whats in here?

One of these!

Yep! A brand spanking new Colt M45 1911 currently going to the USMC as well. Hey. I know the Berretta 92FS and all of that. It shoots fine but is well, butt ugly. This thing looks great! 


I have never owned a pistol that has gone through the Colt Custom Shop. We shall compare to its older smaller sister:

I can't wait! The Commander I bought new for 400 bucks in *cough* 80 something*cough* One thing I know for sure right now when you shake this one it DOES NOT sould like a baby rattle (not that there is anything wrong with that =) Full report tomorrow!

Monday, July 22, 2013

New Pony Has New Leather!

So as soon as I acquired a Colt Defender I immediately contacted T. Michael Hast over at The Holster Site. I wanted two holsters, one with belt loops for OWB and an IWB. I got them today. They fit like a glove and the attention to detail is awesome! 

I will be working with the OWB holster for right now. Pics later of the IWB on my body later (you have been warned). 

If you want a functional rugged holster and one that to me is worthy of a Colt instead of some plastic thing, give Michael a call or shoot him an e-mail. I promise you will not be disappointed! 

For now the S&W M&P is no longer the carry handgun! 

Monday, July 15, 2013

A New Pistol!

Just acquired this pistol. Sadly ammo for it is scarce. A pre WWI pistol and the action is smooth as butter and not in bad shape to boot!

Back in the day ammo for this pistol could be found in any drug, toy, or department store. I took one to elementary school along with my friends. Hell, I actually took a REAL Revolver to school for a prop in the Senior play. Sadly, it appears that you cannot even draw a firearm on paper in school anymore. 

Anyone know where I can get some ammo? This thing even has sights on it!  

Friday, July 12, 2013

Well Done!

Remember this post on Officer Ellis? Winner has been announced. Outstanding!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

If You Ever Visit....

Stately manor when you turn into the development please keep an eye on your rear view mirror! The road in is at a 90 degree angle to the main two lane road between county seat and eastern yuppie ville. Two lane has a posted speed of 55 MPH.

So I was sitting in the office just after work today and hear the sound. WHAM, WHAM, WHAM! No squealing of tires, no intermittent chirps of ABS working either. 

Two drivers are walking, one air bag deployed on the last car to add to the three car pile up. That car has handicapped plates and they are still in the car. This is the view from my front yard. 

Here is that car.


A good distance off the road, but not a glancing blow as if they attempted to swerve. Looks head on.

It's 5:30 and rush hour. The best I can do is insure 911 has been called and try to stop another pile up. I love glow sticks and reflective triangles but burning things on the pavement seem to get a drivers already distracted attention better:


So do they still make these? I deployed them 100 yards away from the scene in both directions. 

The VFD was the first to arrive at 8 minutes after the fact. EMS took another 10, and the State Trooper another 15. 

So now almost two hours after the fact we are back to normal here. 

If you come here, watch your A** turning in! If you leave I suggest a good dose of acceleration too!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Throw the Switch!

So a communications card made of unobtanium went Tango Uniform over Memorial Day weekend at work. Workaround is in place for testing. To borrow one from Robert Plant: "One's for the money but I'm through with the show".

And several quotes go through my head: Mr. Scott: "The main energizer is bypassed like a Christmas tree, don't give me any bumps". Kirk: "Throw the switch." Mr. Scott: "she'll likely overload". Our little workaround for a failed communications card with a large dose of code from our friend.  We will take it for a spin Monday! 
It's not pretty, but if it works it will be a thing of beauty!

Friday, July 5, 2013

In the Mail Box Today.....

Anytime I see this return address on an envelope I get a bit nervous. I'm sure it pails in comparison to the mail man, person, lady. 

No worries though. Just my new Concealed Carry Handgun Instructor ID card. I really don't know why they issue one though. OTOH, man that picture from *mumble, mumble* years ago rocks! No grey hair to be found on it! 



Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Any Home Decor Experts Here?

So after the visit and fantastic paint job of the bathrooms by Mr. Curmudgeon I'm at a loss. I had previously installed these dead bolts on the closet doors.


The color is called "hand rubbed bronze". Make a great name for a metal band or p0rn film in my opinion but whatever.

So after looking at the paint job and looking at the light switches I thought a free paint job of this magnitude deserved some new light switches, cover plates and new towel rods and such. 

So, I wander off to the yuppie Lowes home improvement store, not the one near stately manor. I found these switches. 

I threw this one in the room with the toilet in the master bathroom. I have never grounded a wall plate before, but its metal. The switch also has a little indicator light when off to show you where it is. 

That's not overpowering and I like it! 

So before I commit to all of this as well what say you?

Oh, why is this stuff SO expensive?! I brefily considered going to the supply house and getting some rigid conduit for towel rods and toilet paper holder. I know how that works! 

That's the adjustable leg on my reloading bench. About 2 bucks if I remember correctly. Unfortunately I do entertain occasionally and I still await someone more interested in whats in the safe than decor, but still. I do need to make it aesthetically pleasing in case I need to sell in the future!