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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Any Home Decor Experts Here?

So after the visit and fantastic paint job of the bathrooms by Mr. Curmudgeon I'm at a loss. I had previously installed these dead bolts on the closet doors.


The color is called "hand rubbed bronze". Make a great name for a metal band or p0rn film in my opinion but whatever.

So after looking at the paint job and looking at the light switches I thought a free paint job of this magnitude deserved some new light switches, cover plates and new towel rods and such. 

So, I wander off to the yuppie Lowes home improvement store, not the one near stately manor. I found these switches. 

I threw this one in the room with the toilet in the master bathroom. I have never grounded a wall plate before, but its metal. The switch also has a little indicator light when off to show you where it is. 

That's not overpowering and I like it! 

So before I commit to all of this as well what say you?

Oh, why is this stuff SO expensive?! I brefily considered going to the supply house and getting some rigid conduit for towel rods and toilet paper holder. I know how that works! 

That's the adjustable leg on my reloading bench. About 2 bucks if I remember correctly. Unfortunately I do entertain occasionally and I still await someone more interested in whats in the safe than decor, but still. I do need to make it aesthetically pleasing in case I need to sell in the future!


  1. Yes, it's expensive, but unless you're a flighty debutante, you aren't going to be changing it all out with the seasons. This will probably be the last bling you install in the bathrooms. I like the finish and style. Clean without feeling industrial. Go for it. Your house deserves bling as much as your guns and Mustangs. Make her feel pretty.

  2. Matching is always good you will like it once you get it up and take a look.

  3. Looks like a good match to me...

    Do the doors make the swiush, swiush when they open and close like the ones in Star Trek?

    Dann in Ohio

    1. Thanks Dann! LOL! It's more like the out takes when Kirk beats the comm panel on the wall and the wall falls down and there is the crew smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee, LOL!

  4. I think it looks good Keads :)

  5. Those are pretty nice, and remember bathroom ANYTHING, just like kitchen ANYTHING is gonna cost an arm and a leg... BTDT, HATED the bill...