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Friday, July 22, 2011

Cutting Edge Update!

So after spending another fruitless night with HP "Engineering" doing the same crap as the evening before I decided to put one more attempt at it on my own.  Yes it got geeky:

It seems that for what ever reason, my setup does not like using the wireless or USB connection to the HP thingy. Tried direct connect Ethernet:

Well that worked! Sorry to say that I wasted two full evenings of my life screwing with HP support. I knew better than that, but did so anyway! Stupid me! 

So for some therapy I fired this up:

I know I can fix anything here!


  1. I am so jealous of you guys who have actual technology skills. I'm limited to the on/off button and "Honey, can you come in here and fix this stupid computer for me again?" I am so ashamed.

  2. Victory. Surprised you didn't put on 1812 overture with cannons.

  3. oooh. We had a similar problem with our HP wireless printer. Our Windows version did not support wireless networking at all no matter what you try. Thankfully, we got the printer for another new laptop, so I gave up much sooner.

  4. I don't understand Windows but I know that radio is AWESOME!

  5. At the IT positioned I used to work at, I would have to call HP so frequently for warranty replacement parts that I had memorized the troubleshooting script their people had to try and worm out of sending parts. After one minute of telling them in detail all I did (or actually did not do because it would not do any good, but never tell them that) they would have no further stupid questions to ask and would send the part. Got phone calls down to under 5 minutes... HP has good desktops and awesome servers, everything else they make is an expensive paper weight usually...

  6. Six- Don't worry about that! The DVD player at the range classroom and I do NOT get along. Its like hey, go find a 12 year old to get this thing to the Ammunition chapter please!

    Supi- Random radio station but I concur with your music selection after all of this!

    45er- I don't give up easily and I AM expected to be all of that and a bag of chips with this stuff!

    Brooke- Thanks! I DO love my Zenith I got in an antique store about 20 years ago! She needed some work, but I could handle that.

    Madhat- Yeah, been there too. I LOATHE calling tech support for anything!

  7. LOL- Old school STILL works... Unlike all this modern crap!

  8. NFO- Concur! Disposable crap all around!