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Thursday, June 30, 2011

From the Bench..

I think my friends Handgun started out as a Ruger MkIII. He HATES bowling pins. He wants to dispatch them with all speed. So he wandered by tonight to apply some locktite to the bolt assist gismo.

I think it looks like a space gun carried by Marvin the Martian. That's just me (click to enbiggen):

So with the mods he shot well last weekend, and props to him. Red Dot optic, trigger job, etc, etc. Perhaps I am becoming a Luddite? 

If I am going to shoot pins with a .22 I would much rather have this:

Colt Match Target Woodsman. The first pistol I fired! I will try it to see if technology is a match for decades of experience!


  1. I want to put a JPoint or (if I had the money) a Trijicon RMR on both the Sigs...
    Mr Completely runs OKO sights on his steel-shooters, a heavily modified High Standfard Military rimfire and a Tanfoglio 9mm...

  2. @ DirtCrashr, those optics are fantastic!

  3. What the frak does he need a COMPENSATOR for on a .22??? Much less the rest of that stuff?

  4. @ NFO- Beats me! Good guy, just goes over the top on occasion. I guess.

  5. Yeah, I guess we all go over the top in our own ways with these things. Just some more than others.

  6. @ 45er- Some gave ME grief on putting a CT laser and Trijicon Night Sights on the Commander. In the end, it is whatever makes you happy I guess!

  7. True :-) We've got a guy like that up here... sigh...