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Sunday, June 26, 2011


I am really tired of seeing bowling pins! Our fundraiser ran all month and the finals were Friday. We raised over 1500 dollars for the domestic violence shelter here. Many thinks to my friends Brigid and Murphy's Law who posted about the event on their Blogs. Thanks again!

To add to the bowling pin overdose my range had its usually scheduled match today. A lot of people I have not met before showed up to shoot! The event is sponsored by Hyatt Gun Shop in Charlotte.

Older Gentleman showed up today and whipped out a "race gun". He announced that he was 71 and his range bag was covered in "I shot in this match" pins. I figured he would smoke everyone or really suck. He smoked it:

3.6 seconds! 

FTC thingy- I did not receive any compensation for mentioning the range or Hyatt's. So there!  


  1. A very worthy cause. I should have linked to it, too. Poke me next time and I certainly will.

  2. I missed out as well. I am involved in a women's shelter locally and would have definitely highlighted it. Of course, I'm new to this so it might take more than a poke. Like, HEY, DO THIS. On a side note, did you hear of any resistance to using shooting as a fundraiser. I've met resistance with this in the past because people involved in this area tend to associate guns with violence. It's been a hurdle for me in the past.

  3. Glad to tout a good cause. Just wish that it hadn't been so far away or Murphy and I would have dropped by.

    BTW, can people still send checks down to help out? If so, where?

  4. Keads, does that guy give lessons? No misses. Barely a hint of hesitation between the first and second shot, and the rest were like he was shooting to the beat of a metronome. Awesome.

  5. Do y'all ever shoot the matches head-to-head instead of against the clock?

  6. @45er- Thanks, I will let y'all know if we do that again for sure.

    No, in fact our tag line for the event was "Let's target domestic violence". Having various local LEO agencies involved probably didn't hurt either.

    @ML- Thanks again! Sure you can send a donation to them direct at:

    Yeah, sorry about the geographical placement, but if you are ever down this way you and Murphy are welcome at "stately manor"!

    @Shepard K.- Funny you brought that up. I was in my full "taticool" uniform and he noted the "Firearms Instructor" shirt I was wearing. He asked me if I had any tips for him after he shot. I told him: "Just keep doing that"!

    Tam- We do not now, we have a dueling tree but do not whip it out during public hours. Interesting idea I will float it and see what everyone thinks. Thanks!

    We are looking at possibly setting up steel plates for competitions instead of pins. Faster turnaround of shooters and no one downrange during pin resets are big pluses!

    @Brooke- Yeah, the man can shoot!

    No one has asked but the best I have done with the standard Colt Commander in .45 is 6.6 seconds.

  7. One old man, one gun with the bluing worn off... :-)

  8. @ NFO- Indeed! I always suspect anyone with the latest "tacicool" stuff and more accessories than Malibu Barbie!

  9. Head-to-Head bowling pin shooting is so much fun!

    The challenge is to keep focused on your own front sight, but you keep wanting to glance at the other shooter's table to see if he's ahead of you...

  10. @ Tam- Sounds like it would be fun!