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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ah.. Needed to back off for a minute.

I will post my review of USTC classes as soon as I can. In the meantime, this:


  1. I don't remember this song. Must be an Oldie :)

  2. As a Macophile in pretty good standing, the phrase Long Distance Winner had me vexed for several minutes - I knew I'd heard Stevie sing it in FM, but it took me a while to place.

    Fireflies used the phrase (in self homage?), from FM Live (1980).

  3. @ The Donald- This version is from the Album "Buckingham Nicks" that was released prior to them joining FM. Sadly, this album has never been released to digital format.

  4. I've never listened to the B/N album, though I handled a few copies back when I was in high school, working part time for a record/tape distributor. It apparently got a bit of a bump after the white FM and Rumours albums. I heard it had a minor cult following in Alabama.

    I've always thought Lindsey was underrated as a guitarist.