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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Ready to go:

I thought about going to see my old friend "The Showboat" after leaving this, but going from the top of the widest part of the State to the other end was not practical. Plus, it is like a kabillion degrees here. Yeah, lets run around on a big metal thing! I did really want to try out the 1MC circuit like someone else I know. I have always braved the heat it the past, I think I can avoid the tourists and have a better time in the fall or winter on the State's WWII Memorial.

I will be real close to Norfolk, VA and perhaps OldNFO can provide tips to seeing stuff in Norfolk.


  1. Drive safely and have fun.

  2. I hope you're having a great time, and I can definitely sympathize with that excessive heat. We're way over our average for this time of year.

  3. Meh... it's Norfolk... There really isn't much to see. Stay away from the Wisconsin, it's still in the White Ship Fleet, so it's preserved. I'd go to the Hampton Roads Naval Museum, they have some really interesting stuff on Monitor and Merrimac :-)

  4. What does BRB mean to you?~~~~~~~~~~~lol
    I have a Nephew that lives in Norfolk really close to the beach ~ I'm going there in July.

    I do want to see pics. from your trip.
    Gotta go brb :)

  5. I 'thought' I posted this, but don't go see Wisconsin, it's still a 'white ship' no below decks/inside tours. Go see the Hampton Roads maritime museum.

  6. Thanks all! I did my thing and came back home! Too many people in Moyock bitching about traffic up there! I was whupped too!