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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day Pop!

Jennifer asks how you became a "gunnie". I have not responded to that post. I know no other path. My Father and Grandfather's always had several around. For defense, for putting food on the table. To me pistols, rifles, and shotguns were simply tools, much like the axe in the wood shed or a coal bucket for the stove. 

I have several common mechanical items that tie me to my Father. The 1971 Mustang that he purchased new is here. The 1966 Mustang we purchased and restored is here. The most enjoyable mechanical thing that links me to my Father is this (click to embiggen):

He tells me about his training in the Army with it as an MP. He's pretty damn good with one still after all of these years. 

I hope to shoot with him again soon. We will of course be shooting a M1911. For all of my degrees on the "I love me wall" in my house he is most proud of certifications associated with these tools. 

So don't be this person.

If they are still with you cherish it. Make the effort to talk to them on this day. We DO have disagreements but I am proud to be his son. I hope I have lived up to his expectations of me.

Happy Fathers Day Pop. I love you! 



  1. Such a Great Song (and so true) really like the post.

    Was it suppose to make me cry?

    I hope your Pop's has a Great Father's Day.

  2. @ stop- Thanks. It made me cry. That is what makes the song important to me. I am not there yet. I do not want to have this songs feelings either.

    Thanks for wishing Pop well on this day!

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  4. Happy Father's Day to your dad. I hope the weather is nice for fishing for him.

  5. It goes the other way, too. If you're a Dad, make time for your kids. Listen to them. Talk *with* them. And sometimes, all you have to do is nod.

    A hug and "I'm very proud of you" is a very nice gift to give to your children and grandchildren.

  6. Happy Father's Day to you and your Dad :-)

  7. @ Supi- Thanks! He had a good day!

    @ Ed- I agree and your post is wise.

    @ NFO- Thanks!

  8. Nice blog. Keep up the good work.

  9. Fathers are a wonderful thing, both for boys and for us girls.

    I hope all of you men had a wonderful Father's Day!

  10. @ Chris- Thanks and welcome!

    @ Brooke- Thanks!