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Monday, June 20, 2011

USTC Day Four

So after the Basic Pistol class I hang around for the one day M1911 Armorer Class. My associate left after the Basic Pistol class giving me the first real nights sleep in three days. So it looks like this again:

They brought out Rock Island Mil-Spec 1911's for all three of us (I was the only civilian there). So take this:

And make it look like this oh, about 4 or 5 times:

The instructor was knowledgeable and cussed like a sailor throughout the day. I had my Series 80 with me during the class. USTC has a very dim view of the Series 80 Firing pin safety and the instructor immediately told me from memory the Brownell's part number for the frame shim to remove it from my pistol.

One of my fellow students was accompanied by a large black Lab dog. I thought nothing of it at the time but noticed later that he was a double amputee on both legs. He was young and a USTC employee. He said that Jonsie (the service dog) was going to get "stripper glitter" on him that evening in Elizabeth City. Wanted to know if I wanted to come. Sadly, I was leaving after this class. 

So in the morning I am looking at what I think is a old school overhead projector. Wrong! Looks like this:
Whatever he was doing to the gun was displayed on 6 flat screen monitors and he had the ability to zoom in on whatever part he was working with.
I DID learn some stuff. I will not tell everything here, but for starters: Cleaning firearms with ultrasonic cleaners with 50% Simple Green and 50% water. RIG grease is the USTC preferred grease. Synthetic motor oil for lube. Interesting stuff. 

So I had to come home and do this to my Pistol:


She had a bath in the ultrasonic cleaner and I am replacing the original trigger with the Pachmayr match target trigger.

I also removed the Series 80 Firing pin parts.

The trigger is adjustable for overstop and I dialed that in. It does make a difference on shooting this gun and finding reset. Other than that I really could not tell a difference on the removal of the Series 80 stuff, but less moving parts are better right?

If you go to USTC, the Food Lion grocery store is you friend. Do not spend ten bucks for lunch at the Chow Hall. Selection on the weekends for this class is limited. Grab a cup of coffee and something out of the vending machine if the Pro Shop is closed.

I enjoyed it and perhaps I will go back for Tactical Pistol I sometime.


  1. You are too cool to hang out with anyone like me. I'll just stand way over here and admire you.

  2. @ North- I doubt that! Your pictures are amazing and your Blog content is superb. I am honored that you are here.

    Among the people here I am truly a Dinosaur. Your advise on the camera made the Colt picture what it is. Thanks.

    Added bonus to you for being a Husband and Father. I am neither. It gives me more time to pursue the "art" as it were.

  3. @ DirtCrashr- It was fun! Anytime you can take a hammer to a gun that is not yours is! I checked the link and WOW. I would love to get me some of that!

    Get the Colt .45 Automatic Shop Manual by Jerry Kuhnhausen. Great place to start! Of course you could cross the country, I would LOVE to check it out far ya!

  4. I bet my sister could out snore your partner anytime! Ear plugs won't work for her