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Monday, August 1, 2011

I have been upgraded!

To "Extra Fancy" at stately manor! Behold the contents of a package that arrived today from the talented and lovely wordsmith Brigid!

See? The Vietnamese Cinnamon is "Extra Fancy"! I cannot wait to try the Cinnamon on some rolls, perhaps some Oatmeal?

As to the Tien Tsin, I am going to try them as well as the Ozark Seasoning in a traditional Lowcountry dish from South Carolina, chicken bog! I don't use the recipe on the link, but it is pretty close! I prefer my recipe given to me by a resident in Lowcountry and more importantly SHOWED me how to make it. I usually bring the heat in this dish with Tabasco or the old standby from my home town Texas Pete

I also try to heat up an old family recipe for vegetable beef stew. This recipe was born out of thrift but I do love it and the fact that my Mother and Father each have subtle variations on this old recipe.

Prior to this the only thing "Extra Fancy" around here was this:

Oh, no wait, maybe this:

A thoughtful gesture. Thanks B.!


  1. When I read that you'd been upgraded, I thought perhaps there was a Cybermen attack. Glad to know it's only the culinary variety.

  2. Yum! And pretty! Good food, good guns, now you need either a good wine or good beer to have the perfect home environment.

  3. Isn't Brigid wonderful? I love her.

    I made a staggeringly good pot of beans with that Ozark seasoning recently. In fact, Himself and I usually put about half a pot of beans in the fridge and freezer, but this one got wiped out of the crock pot in just a couple of days. Great seasoning for lots of good things.

    Good on ya.

  4. Rev. Paul- It was a thoughtful gift and I must use it!

    ProudHillbilly- I have both!

    Phlegmy- I think the world of her and we have never met! I toasted her (badly, think FLAME ON) early in my Bloggerness. I hope she forgives me!