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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh Great!

First it was individual VHS tapes, Laser Disc, then DVD's. Then Season DVD packages. Then "remastered" DVD's, then "remastered DVD's with updated special effects". Now this:

Like I don't have anything else to do! 

FTC disclaimer, I have a subscription to NETFLIX, don't really know why though. I do not watch a lot of TV!  


  1. Really! I have the complete "Firefly" and "Miami Vice" boxed sets, and I've yet to watch any of "Firefly"!

  2. I cut the cable off a couple years ago and now just stream Netflix through my blu-ray disc player. The cool thing is that they are loading stuff up for streaming like crazy, including a lot of old movies. I figure the $7.99 a month I don't use during good weather because I'm outside will be rebalanced during winter evenings.

  3. If your set up is like Al Gore's computer command center you can watch a whole season in an hour.

  4. LOL- I've never looked at it... too many other things to do.

  5. drjim- Yep- I know how that goes!

    ProudHillbilly- I agree! I'm doing the same. PS3 maybe?

    Supi- LOL!

    NFO- Yes, there are many things to do here as well. Many people come here and see the setup and go: "Why?"