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Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm Going Green!

I have finally yielded to the logic of going green. Last week I received these from the local power co-op:

CFL's! And they were free (well not really but we will let that slide for now).

They were actually delivered via USPS. I'm sorry, a meter reader runs through here every month, how about THEY deliver them? 

So here is what you do. Give these to your favorite tree hugging Gaea worshiper. It is your duty to tell them that they contain the heavy metal Mercury and if they break one they need to leave the house and call a HAZMAT team. And of course they cannot dispose of them in the trash, they must be taken to some secret location for proper disposal. While you are at it tell them they will not work in any traditional incandesant dimmer circuit. 

After they take them, save the box they came in. It comes in handy.

The box is perfect for holding your reloads before you case gauge them! 

I DO recycle! Tonight's activity? Recycling a metal!

9mm Brass in a ultrasonic cleaner. 



  1. Yeah, they do last a while and do use less electricity, but that BS about them being SOOO much better than incandescent is a load of hooey. It's always interesting to watch someone put them on a dimmer the first time. I'll bet the look on my face was priceless.

  2. 45er- I HATE them! I use fluorescents where they should be. I really hate the CFL's though.

  3. And forget 3-way. Which means, of course, several lamps in my house.

  4. AND they are a fire hazard... Buy a couple of cases of incandescent bulbs!!!

  5. They also don't fit in some of our fixtures! The power company sent us a box of them, two broken during delivery! UGH!

    I threw then in the trash and washed my hands, of course, as almost everyone else is going to wind up doing.

  6. My wife is big on these stoopid bulbs. I always write the install date on them with a Sharpie, and that way when they don't meet their published life (and they don't), SHE can take them back to Home Depot for new ones.
    They gave us a minor hassle one time until I did the 24x365= 8,760 hours, and then explained that since they get used a MAXIMUM of 3~4 hours a day, they *should* have lasted far longer than the 30 days they did.

  7. Ooops I thought you meant you was painting with green~lol

    I'm using those lights now, but I don't know what I'm going to do with them when they burn out. Maybe call Myth Busters.

  8. They all are a big pile of suck and fail!