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Friday, August 5, 2011

A Moment Captured in Time

One of the joys of being here is to unearth long forgotten mementos. Packed away carefully, protected against the elements, all of these objects are slowly seeing the light of day once again. On one hand they are things to sort; to determine if they really require the time and expense to care for them properly or dispose of.

Tonight I found this:

This picture I could immediately recall in time. The Mustang is mine, the pickup is my Step-Grandfathers. I and the young lady are in front of my Grandfather's house. It is 1979. The picture was taken by my Aunt on that side, my Grandfather's Daughter. 

Aside from the old saw that "you never forget your first", I wonder where she is and how her life is going. 

I on the other hand am reminded of a song lyric: "Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then".

This moment in time captured is worth keeping.  


  1. Cool car, pretty girl and Awesome belt buckle!

  2. That is a really cool picture!

    You could always try looking her up on Facebook?

  3. WoW is that an OLD Pic. I don't even remember you from that FAR back~lol j/p on you.

  4. Best Seger line ever written, and believe it or not, he wanted to remove it from the song originally.
    You're picture reminds me of another great Seger line from "Like a Rock". "I stood proud, I stood tall, high above it all...I still believed in my dreams!"

  5. Your picture also reminds me of Seger's "Like a Rock". The line "I stood proud, I stood tall, high above it all...I still believed in my dreams!"

    Ah, youth...

  6. It would be so awesome to go back in time to relive some of the moments we so enjoyed. :)

  7. Cool picture. Your aunt did a fantastic job shooting the photo.

  8. Kelly,
    Had to come back on comment on this one again. Brooke is right Have you tried to find her on interweb? Also I don't remember this young lady you dated,but I do remember one other.....BTW I heard her sister was HOT too, back in the day :-)

  9. Six- Thanks- The belt buckle was hand made out of stainless steel by machinists at Clinton Power Station. The car I still have.

    Brooke- FB is not telling me anything.

    Dirt- Yeah, we all rocked that back in the day right?

    Lisa- I did not know that about the line in the song, thanks! Yes, Like a Rock is one of my favorites too. I seem to have lived the song "Sunspot" too many times!

    PISSED- Yes it would!

    Supi- She is an accomplished photographer.

    Stop- Yeah, that entire family of sisters is pretty special.

  10. Brigid- I too had some dust in my eyes.

  11. Picture like that stops you in your tracks and takes you back to another time. Thanks for sharing it, it sparked some memories of my own.