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Thursday, August 18, 2011

You're Soaking in it...

Remember this? I personally don't care for it but it needed some TLC. We started here after some Larry dude sent me a care package. Needed a bigger ultrasonic cleaner. 

I did not break the Beretta all the way down. It is a range rental and besides, the new springs have not arrived here. 

Here it is totally degreased and rinsed.

Again, rode hard and put up wet! 

So tonight we had the older ultrasonic cleaner running with the new larger one with built in heaters.

The new one is LOUD!

The small one is still working on 9mm brass for next month.

So now the Beretta is soaking in Break Free tonight.

This was the first week of "NOT" being at school on the evenings in 11 years. I found it refreshing. I do not miss it at all. Besides, I have too much to do!


  1. That looks like quite an undertaking!

  2. I'm thinking about an ultrasonic cleaner, but I really don't have that much room. Guess I'll keep on the old fashioned way.

  3. Brooke, the nice thing about a broken gun when you get it is that is already broken!

    NFO- They work!