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Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm Back!

Sorry about that! Last week was full of suck and fail.

Thunderstorms rolled here with more than usual intensity starting last Friday and continuing throughout the week. Smoked electrical stuff at work aside, we start here. Internet connection went intermittent Friday night. Saturday was the scheduled Directv receiver upgrade. I don't get it. 

We can put someone on the moon, let them put up a mirror and we shoot a laser to it and determine the exact distance between the Earth and the Moon. In 1969. The best these people can do is tell me a "Professional Install Technician" will be at humble abode from 12 to 4 pm? 

Well, as expected, "Professional Install Technician" showed up around 4. Hey, I am wasting valuable range time here! Dude showed up, work order said upgrade. Unplug, replug right? Wrong! First thing the new receiver did was phone home for a software upgrade. Sheesh, what's the thing running, Windoze?


Then apparently the dish needed alignment. All of this stuff was working before, but OK dude, whatever... Then after he got a picture and sound on the TV he was all about me signing stuff. No copies for me of course, but I would not sign the blank customer satisfaction survey nor the "Protection Plan Plus" agreement. Hey, this is leased equipment! You own it not me! 

So he leaves. Not setting the Dolby audio output. So then I run a system test. FAIL! "Satellite configuration error". Dude. I have degrees older than you. 

I set the receiver to the correct settings and go to the range. I will be attending a "Aim Fast Shoot Fast" class in a month. I really need to get busy to meet the prerequisites and get familiar with a new Handgun.

After setting the receiver up I go to the range. Recoil therapy some call it. 

So I go at it with this:

S&W M&P Pro 9mm. The instructor does not like SERPA lock holsters. I can understand. I repeated this event here while dry firing. 

So it will be the one of the other holsters for me! 

Get back home. Internet is out. VOIP is out. At o'dark thirty a tech is digging across the street. Says I should be back on line Sunday AM. Wrong! Even after his temp splice:


I still do not have service on Monday morning. Call TWC. They can have a "Technician" at the house. Guess when? Between 12-4 pm. So I show up around 12. There are three trucks around the temporary splice across the street. MY tech follows me into the driveway of my home. He jumps out and says he must inspect my house wiring. I tell him perhaps he should talk to the guys across the street. 

So, things are a bit better here now and looking forward to range time tomorrow!


  1. Look! A Snake! no wait, it's a surface net.
    I found my cable on top of the ground numerous times when I kept the dogs in the backyard.
    The jack russell terrier mutt would dig it up, the blue healer would kill the "snake". I had at least five splices in that coax line.
    You have an infestation of hairless apes.
    "The tech will be there between 1 and 4pm" usually means tomorrow, or not at all.
    I feel your pain.

  2. kx59- I am really becoming a curmudgeon. I know what I need and suffer fools very badly.

  3. Technical difficulties are most vexing, but I do envy you the rain. I wish you could have sent some of that rain our way.

    I have to ask-- the background picture on your blog-- is that your house? In any case, I've always liked that room, I like your style. :)

  4. Phlegmly- A post for you on the house! The background on the blog is a template. For better or worse, it is not that far out of line!

    Rain we got, wish I could have sent you some! I DO love Texas! The fact I have only been there twice speaks to the pull it has on me.

  5. I'm guessing phlegmfatale is in Texas, or somewhere close by.
    what an edgy blog handle, "phlegmfatale"
    too cool.

  6. kx59- She is the bomb! And yes she is in TX. She is now making me post a pic on my Blog about my house. It's coming. Small pic, but all of the women that come here always think this is the bomb! I don't get it. Must be the painting.

  7. Sounds like you've had a hell of a week.

    Checked out the shoot coming up in Sept. Good Luck and Of course we want pictures & video of you shooting would be nice too.

    We haven't had the storms your describing but we have had rain this evening.

  8. Glad it happened during dry fire exercises and you didn't create unwanted holes in anything. Enjoy that class. I need to look into another class.

  9. SS- These things are not usually photo ops, but I will try.

    45er- After seeing the video I tried that and I agree, a SERPA lock holster requires some training.

  10. Pssst! When you come for that class, bring some .308 ammo, too. Just a suggestion.

  11. ML- .308? How much? You in the class? I will get a twin bed room at the HIE just in case.