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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

OEM Parts

They DO make a difference! Take a look at this. On the left is a new Colt slide stop for a M1911. On the right is the same from Wilson Combat.

Click to enbiggen!

Take a look at the blue lines. The Wilson and STI were both hitting the lower resulting in scratching the bluing.  I don't know if this little ridge results in not doing that, but I had no such issues before.

Take a look at the green lines and the red ones. Remember when I had to file the STI stop for class? The Colt stop seems to have additional contours to facilitate loading of the cartridge with no mechanical interference from the stop.

So now installed, off to the range for testing! I believe that I will have no problems!  


  1. NFO- Thanks! How's the thumb?

  2. Yeah, sometimes they know better. Waiting to hear the results.

  3. Waiting for the range report. You bringing that one to the class?

  4. 45er- Will get out to the range Friday.

    Murphy- I will bring the 1911 as backup, but it looks like I will be using a S&W M&P Pro in 9mm or the same in VTAC configuration. I have ordered the M&P VTAC but it has been placed on double secret probation back order or something at the wholesaler. I don't know if I will have it in time for class.

    Looking forward to getting up there in about a month!

    I will be using a FOBUS Kydex paddle holster without active retention devices.

  5. Interested in your impressions vis-a-vis the slide-stop hootchies, since Wilson is always touted as THE smart-feller go-to option.

  6. Your milage may vary. My wilson slide stop does not scratch my bluing on my Colt. Weird. Good luck with the new part.