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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Old Friend turns 200K!

While tooling around for lunch I notice this:

My beater turned 200K miles. For me this comes as some surprise. Back in 1994 I would have never dreamed of the landscapes I have viewed through this windshield (well, this is the third). Nor would I have stopped and thought about the people that have come and gone in the passenger seat. I felt them in the here and now. They have gone, yet this old friend remains. I know everything about her. I know when she is telling me something is wrong. She has gone on pilgrimages with me to grounds of my youth. I must remember where I came from and the proud, hard working people that took great care to insure I would not forget.

What makes it even better is another car with the same proud pony came to these places before under my hand. Before I took the wheel on that one, my Mother's hand was the one on the wheel. Strangely now she will not drive this car.

It made me stop. Remember. Here is the 1994 resting with her older sister. 


Time Machines all. You just have to listen closely to hear. Some never will.


  1. WOW 200k thats great!

    I didn't know your mom owned the first one. I bet she looked cool driving it.
    Why won't YOU let her drive it now? lol

    BTW~ Nice Place

  2. Never buy a used car from me. If I don't get at least 200K out of a vehicle these days, I'm thoroughly pissed off. I run the wheels off of 'em and there isn't much left when I'm done. :)

  3. TJ-NEVER buy a Mustang from me! The car in the post was totaled. I agree with you, I will drive the wheels off of it!

  4. Thats cool and a neat milestone! NICE older sister ;)

    I bought my friends 2000 Chevy van ( he is a machine tool mechanic so he travels alot) it just turned 252,000 and still going strong.

  5. I'm the same, use 'em till they rust into the pavement. Good for you.

  6. LOL- Good point Keads, and beaters ARE good for something :-)

  7. Sweet ride! If I were to trade the Zed Drei in, a late '90s 'Stang would be on the short list.

    (I've had my current ride for ten years next month...)

  8. SS- she will not drive it. I have offered. I have to clarify here. My Father reads this Blog. Invoice from Cloverdale Ford says it is his car!

    P- Thanks! The older sister has many more miles on it!

    Stephen- I will too. Even when the rust to the pavement I have been known to bring them back to life!

    NFO- Yes, beaters are great for many things! I have a pretentious car with a cat on the hood that I have not driven in a year and a half. I LOVE this car.

    Tam- Thanks! And you know of what I speak. They talk to you; you just have to listen. It takes time.

  9. That's really cool! I hope to get as much good use out of my car!

  10. I always buy a used vehicle and drive it for at least another 100K. My Suburban had over 200K when I got rid of it, actually it still was in good condition but I wanted a truck. You can't beat American Steel.