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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So what would you do?

If a fellow Blogger suggests that while I am in the area next month to bring a couple hundred rounds of this:

My short answer? Hell yeah!


  1. Do I sense a Pig shoot in the offing? I am beyond jealous. You guys have fun (like there's any chance you won't).

  2. Double the order, to hell with the expense.

  3. hehehe :-) you're fingers ARE gonna get tired!!!

  4. Have Fun! Like I need to tell you that, I know your excited.

  5. 45er- Yes!

    Six- I don't know what I will be shooting. The only thing I know is whatever it is will be truly well shot!

    Brooke- Yes!

    Stephen- Good advice! Done!

    NFO- That's OK!

    SS- It will be fun!