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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Yeah, I'm Holding it Wrong!

According to really good revolver shooters including Jerry Miculek, I hold a revolver wrong. I will not debate the wisdom behind such shooters that are WAY better than I. 

I will say this though. I have small hands. As long as my thumbs do not get into the area around the trigger on a DA I am fine. I have also been taught to do the same thing every time you pick up a Handgun. Semi-Automatic or Revolver. 

I do not put my left thumb across the backstrap, nor do I hook it over my right thumb. 
So I ask you as Mr. Curmudgeon and I shot yesterday the range took a video. I am at his home range and I am not an instructor there. 

I can see my right thumb moving between shots. I am shooting .357 Magnums not .38 SPL. I know I need to work on that, but your opnion would be appreciated and I now know that video can be a great training tool.



  1. Look, I am no expert. For what it is worth, your hold looks good to me.

    When I coach youngsters, I show them the basic opinions on where all body parts go, then advise them to fool around with all of them, and pick what seems most comfortable, most natural, and most prone to lay the pistol on a natural point of aim. The point I try to make is that a guy can really handicap himself by trying to force himself to shoot like somebody else shoots.

    The only thing in the video that made we wonder a little is: Does the recoil on shots 1, 2, and 4 suggest a slight gun twist as you let off? Could be camera angle, lighting, or just a misperception on my part.

  2. Jim, I know I need to work on my grip strength. The fact I can see me re-gripping the thing confirms that. This Revolver is new to me but that is no excuse. Thanks for your feedback!

  3. Use whatever is comfortable and works for YOU!

    If you can crack off six shots into a dinner plated sized area at 20', you're plenty good enough!

  4. I don't have a wheel gun, so my comment is the same as drjim, use whatever grip is comfortable for you. You mentioned re-gripping it, here's a link.

  5. Grip looks good, but it looks like you're a 'tad' uncomfortable with it. The gun WILL twist more with .357 than .38s, but I don't see anything wrong. The grip is similar enough to a standard semi that as long as you're getting the palm swell of the left hand on the grip and overlapping the fingers you'll be fine. And once you get comfortable, the re-gripping will fix itself.

  6. Better shooting than I could with a wheel-gun.