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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Getting Ready....

As you may know I am spending my vacation this year at the evil Blackwater unicorns and rainbows USA Training center. I need at least 1200 rounds of .45 ACP for my stay. Brigid has an excellent primer on reloading. (Groan, no pun intended) I chose to go large and got a progressive press. I have been reloading for about a year. Looks like this tonight (click on pics to enbiggen):

Loading .45 ACP. B. notes that the Blue Press catalog looks like a Frederick's of Hollywood calender. The calender above the press is for research only! My photographer friend over at The Sweeter Image is interested in doing a theme calendar (really).

Close up of what is going on:

A progressive press is on the surface pretty simple. Stick a piece of brass in one station, put a bullet in another and pull the handle. In reality, it does require attention to detail. You also need to be a bit mechanically inclined. I check the powder load and case gauge every 10th round.

I chose a Hornady press over the Dillon. I trust Hornady cartridges. If they make live ammunition, I would assume the reloading press would reflect their experience. Cheaper too.

Several comments on B.s post were of the "if you can follow a recipe out of a book you can reload". I disagree. I am the consummate book reader and that will not replace practical experience in my opinion. Good friends showed me how they reload. It was very valuable!     



  1. Yup, whether you prefer red, green, blue, orange or some other color, it's safety first, last and always.
    Good luck at the training center -- I'm sure you'll have fun!

  2. Have fun at the class, and I agree with Ed, SAFETY is always first!

  3. Gentlemen, I agree with your views! Thanks!

  4. Is there a beach involved in this trip?