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Monday, April 25, 2011

Why I carry

Brigid points out with the usual skill and acumen with the written word on why she carries. I now present another reason. I lament the loss of this person even though I don't personally know him. I thank him for his service to the country and am simply appalled by these events. At least he did tell his assailant his last words, "Damn you"! 


  1. A good reason to carry!

    In this case, I'm thinking maybe he knew his attacker

  2. No, he did not. 18 year old. His MySpace and Facebook pages told the story. CMPD calls it a random act of violence.

  3. Who's the 18 year old Stearns? The article says he's 21

  4. Sigh... A good man down, and for NO reason...

  5. @Stop- the witness was 21. The "alleged" assailant is 21.

    @ NFO true that!