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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I have to chime in on this...

The NRA Annual Convention is in Pittsburgh this year. I'm not going. So just as here last year the local fish wrapper posts some articles portraying the attendees as neanderthals or worse. This guy however takes the cake.

How many sexist and shortsighted (and minded) comments can he make in a newspaper article? A LOT! Mr. Heyl, please come talk to my CCH students that are female and get a clue! Better yet TAKE the class before you sound off on something you know nothing about.

Several Women in my classes have decided after life altering events to take control of their continued well being for themselves and/or children and elderly family members. Some of the stories are truly heart wrenching and horrific and I will not replay their motivations or life stories here for public display. They do not tell them in class, they tell them to me afterward.

I do not care if they show up at the NRA Convention Sir. I can assure you though that they are not worried if the Firearm they carry "makes them look fat". Make no mistake though, they ARE carrying now!

This is why I teach concealed carry handgun classes. I am humbled by my efforts when faced with people that want to be responsible for their own safety for the first time.     

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  1. If it weren't for mindless blather there wouldn't be any Leftist bather at all.