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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Retro Sunday.. The LP

Christina felt the need for some Heart today. I really thought about it and decided to whip this out. One of the more obscure songs from them. A great cover!

I really enjoyed the fact that the Direct TV feed was sending me the song "Love stinks" in the background. Such a dichotomy, but one I really understand!

If anyone cares that was a Grado cartridge and a Denon DP-31L direct drive turntable.

Busy week ahead! Talk to y'all later!

Oh hurry! Got another warning from YouTube. Sheesh! Look at it! Its a album! 


  1. Good one, Keads! I'd never heard that cover.

  2. Meh... Denons... Personally I liked the old Empire turntables :-) But at least you still HAVE one!

  3. Really liked the song~Thanks

    My son wants a Youtube account! I'm not so sure about it.

  4. @ Christina, thanks!
    @ NFO- you audio snob!
    @ Brooke- Thanks!
    @stopsign- Thanks! Son with youtube? Hmmm....