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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Retro..... CCH!

Sorry about Retro Sunday! There are still plenty of old things around here that will get their day, but more importantly this occurred over the weekend:

The largest class I have taught. 15 people took a beautiful Sunday out of their lives to do this. This state mandates a minimum of 8 hours of classroom instruction followed by live fire qualification. A full day!  

Congratulations are in order for my 15 students today!

From a Grandmother worried about protecting the 3 Grandchildren to a student barely of legal age to purchase a handgun I say well done!

Yesterday's Basic Pistol class was interesting. Got to grip and trigger control and a student said that I might find him a bit challenging. His strong hand index finger was gone from the first joint up. 

Yep, that was challenging!   

We adapted and overcame the issue. Middle finger worked fine for him with the index finger resting on the frame. Dry fire in class made a world of difference! 

I am exhausted! Wipe the pistols down, take a shower and I am going to bed!

Responsible, legally armed and trained Citizens I am all about! h/t to B. for her ancillary information, it was a hit with the class! Tam points out today that some people need to understand the target audience (no pun intended).


  1. Glad the material was useful for them. I'm going to recycle an older post about shooting gear for them today, in case any wander over to read.

    Thanks for all you do to teach.

  2. You're doing the Lord's Work. :)

  3. @B. Thanks again! Very thoughtful of you too.

    @Tam- John Moses Browning? =)

  4. Congrats to your students. Good listeners! lol

  5. I can't compete with Brigid, Tam and Supi. You done good!

  6. @ Guffaw, I can't either, but it doesn't stop me!