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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Range Review- The Colt M-4 .22LR

Remember this? I took it to the range and this is what I learned:

It comes apart easily but a few things to remember. The bolt release does not function and is here for cosmetics only. Same with the forward assist, but there is a spring in it and it does move. Be careful as the bolt release will simply fall out when you drive the two pins out to disassemble. There seems to be some late updates to the documentation. There are three separate sheets of paper in with the manual telling you to back off of the suppressor two rounds with the supplied wrench before attempting to remove the pins forward and rear.    

You are NOT going to be able to swap uppers and lowers with a normally chambered AR platform.

Removable rear sight (upper left) should be familiar to anyone accustomed to the platform. Dual aperture and markings for windage and elevation adjustments. The markings are for the correct caliber for this rifle though, not the .22LR. Thirty round magazine with really helpful duel follower assist to facilitate loading.

Weight, trigger pull and sights are really great and Walther paid attention to detail in these matters. The OPS model is equipped with a full RIS so you can bolt just about anything to it you could with the AR.

The only complaint I have is the safety. It must be rotated 180 degrees from rear to front to fire. The S&W M&P gets this right with a 90 degree rotation.

I fired 300 rounds with CCI .22LR and had no FTF or failure to fire out of the box. That was impressive in my opinion. So although I am not a MOA shooter, (more of a MOB: Minute of Barn) here is a target at 25 yards with the factory sights:

This is a FUN rifle to shoot! I am waiting on the tactical cup holder and fuzzy dice to hang from the RIS! I believe that Colt and Walther did an excellent job on this one!


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