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Monday, April 25, 2011


I am normally very discreet within my home except for several rooms when it comes to being a "Firearm enthusiast". There are many reasons to do so, the occasional cable tech, tradesman, or others would not be able to casually glance around to gather that there may be firearms about.

I am preparing for class the first week in June, and the semester at the community college is in the final two weeks. I am getting sloppy! First exhibit:

Foyer table and floor. A typo on my part for a student on CCH. A new certificate for him awaits. A box of brass from the range this weekend The talented B. article for my class on open display as soon as you open the front door!

My office desk.A great recipe for Wedding cookies and some factory ammo with personal defense stuff mixed in, left around for the unloading of pistols for the class last week. Yes, students get to learn on my Firearms for administrative tasks with dummy ammunition.

Bedroom dresser. Nipper and Chipper are here as well as new personal defense rounds to replace the GASP! 20 year old .45 ACP frangible rounds I carried. Tam pointed out the dangers of bullet setback. They shot fine however!

New t shirt from the Range. Draped over a living room chair.

It has spread everywhere! Kitchen counter:

Even next to the kitchen sink. Brass cleaning underway:

I am really getting behind!

Fireplace hearth looks like this:


  1. LOL- Looks about as bad as my place when I'm in the middle of cleaning (but I lock the door and don't answer)... :-)

  2. @NFO- Thanks! I feel better!

    @DirtCrashr- LOL!