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Friday, April 8, 2011

Its Here!

My new toy!

Busy weekend! Flooring installation and I MUST get some rounds through this! Full range report later if anyone is interested. Have a great weekend and stay safe!

Oh, the Rampant pony on this one looks like one found on a 25 cent ride outside the wally mart, but I am still open minded!


  1. Have fun, I suspect you won't get as much flooring done as you plan on doing. You know..... weekends are for fun. So go have some!

  2. @ North- Thanks! I have a small agenda going on. When the Boy Scouts come to certify for the rifle merit badge I have always whipped out a Ruger 10/22. I want to start using the "Evil Black Rifle" for this. The kids don't care what they are shooting, but it might make a difference to the parents perception of the "black rifle".

    Range report, yes?

  3. @ Matt, thanks I will try to balance the two!

  4. That would be the ONLY toy I would need for a long while!!!!! Enjoy!!!!

  5. Have fun today. Range report when you can.

  6. Enjoy :-) Cheap practice is ALWAYS good!

  7. I believe you are in for a good time, sir!

  8. @DirtCrashr- I did! Report coming!
    @Admiral- Thanks!
    @Supi- Will do!
    @NFO-Yes, yes it is!
    @Brooke- It was great fun!