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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Geek Test Guess where?

The commentary on this still is still true today.

Bonus points if you call out the movie! The book is out of print where this came from but is a great read with many pictures captured during filming. 


  1. @ Matt- Too easy huh! I will try again. I do love this picture! I owe you bonus points!

  2. I'll settle for your new Colt.....

    I just saw the movie, plus I know who the man is in the caption at the bottom of the photo.

  3. Yeah, Keads, too easy. I was one of the few guys who saw this untoasted. Not my thing. But, Kubrick is!

  4. I was so sad when Pa-Am folded, at that time the Movie was made they were the Best and the epitome of Gracious Travel.

  5. it was kinda easy for me, remember I have the "eye" of HAL on my blog page...

  6. @ Guffaw- "untoasted" LOL!

    @ DirtCrashr- I agree.

    @ Matt- True!

    I guess I need to did a bit deeper to test y'all!