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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Retro Sunday.. The LP and Cassette

I sold high end stereos back in the day. There was just as much over sold techno-babble then as now. 500 dollar turntable cartridges at retail that at cost were under 50 bucks. The only thing I can say was worth the money were half speed mastered LP's. Such as this one:
  So I recorded this album onto cassette.

The date is correct. 1996. The words and music to me are timeless however. I spun the Nakamichi CR-2A up tonight and got this:

Reminds me of someone!  Yes I can hear the scratches on the album on the cassette. So much the better.

Oh, hurry! I just got a warning from Sony that I may be violating copyright thingies! Sheesh! I bought the album and CD and so now what! 



  1. "Magic Man" is one of those songs on my ipod that gets cranked up loud to drown out my off key voice as I sing along while driving home from work.

  2. Very nice system you have.

  3. And it STILL sounds good, and brings back a few memories too!

  4. @ Maura- LOL! One of the requirements I have for a sound system is that it can be turned up loud enough to drown my voice out too while "singing" to use the term loosely!

    @ Supi- It's mostly old stuff but gets the job done.

    @ NFO- Thanks!