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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spotted at the range today....

My very own Congress Critter! Congresswoman Sue Myrick. Shooting a Kahr .380. Nice enough I suppose. I was more interested in teaching my people though. Oh and playing with this:

Not mine but it came over last night for red dot sight installation. Ruger 10/22 with "evil black rifle" makeover.


  1. LOL- you can make a 10-22 into damn near anything... And good on your congresscritter for actually going to the range and practicing!

  2. @ NFO- I agree. First time I have actually met a congress person. Good for her!

    And yes you can make a 10-22 into about anything! Too bad for me. I just ordered the Colt/Umarex .22 M4. Should be a nice toy!

  3. A 10/22 was my first gun. Maybe the funnest gun ever.

  4. @ Tam- There is one here but after having Boy Scouts qualifying for the Rifle merit badge with it I sorta had an aversion to it for a while! They are fun to shoot! I concur!