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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Retro Sunday.. The automobile license plate!

Ok, not a riviting topic, but lets take a look at my fair state DMV efforts.

Pretty straight forward right? No stickers or other accoutrements. 1966 Looks Ok.

Here is a 1971 Plate:

Much the same.

Then we get into the period when everyone had to come up with a slogan for them.

We did "First in Freedom" first. I guess the prisoners incarcerated at Central Prison really got bent stamping that out every day and we end up with "First in Flight". Ok; just because the Wright Brothers needed specific conditions for testing we get this.

I can legally run the year of manufacture plates on the rear of the Mustangs. I must have the current plate with me. I choose to bolt them to the front.


  1. We lost "First in Freedom" because of the War of Northern Aggression and because we were a bit slow to accept the civil rights movement.

    Bleeding hearts and yankees (who were often one and the same) convinced the General Assembly to change it to "First in Flight" in 1982.

  2. @ Sbrenneis- '82 huh? I really can't remember anything about '82 except TTL class!