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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

.22 Challenge!

This looks interesting, I'm in! Link here. I will even let my fellow competitors and Blog followers pick my rifle.

First, the venerable Ruger 10/22. Plain Jane, nothing fancy here:

Next the Winchester Model 9422in .22WMR:

An old friend from my youth. Again, no mods.

Next the brand spanking new Colt M-4 .22LR:

Less than 500 rounds through it. It has been equipped with a Walther red dot sight.

Let me know which one and I will try to get some lead down range this weekend!


  1. Can I vote for all three?

    Of course, for that cat thing I posted, the latter would work brilliantly. ;)

  2. You mean they'll let you into the range with only one gun? One? Preposterous! Take all three, of course. Shoot them in order by rate of fire.

  3. Ed, That is a Capitol idea! You win the Internets for today my friend!