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Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Made a Difference Today....

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Made a Difference Today....

That was profound in another persons life. A Woman about my age shows up for a 4 hour basic pistol (new shooter class) with someone I think is the Husband or boyfriend. She asked every question. She wanted to do all the administrative drills (loading and unloading both revolvers and semi automatics), and seemed to be "on point" all afternoon.  Wanted to do the dryfire in class with the laser as well.

Ok, I get that. The back story came on the break with what was not her partner, but her Brother. She divorced her Husband some time ago and fell in with another man. The situation escalated to the point she got a domestic restraining order on him. He had a Concealed Carry Handgun permit at the time. When the order was granted, the CCH permit and the handguns LEO knew about were confiscated from him, as it should be.

But as it goes, a piece of paper will not stop someone right here, right now, with intent to cause you harm. I applaud her understanding of this fact and that she spent the time and money today to learn. I am very humbled. I have a lifetime of shooting. What gives me the right to tell anyone about my experiences? She is in fear of this man. At least I can tell her how they work.

After 4 hours in the classroom we go live fire. First for her a Taurus .22 revolver. Then a Taurus .38 revolver. Then a Glock 9 semi. It all became demystified for her today.

She became empowered. She knew. She understands how these tools work. I saw her stand up a bit straighter. She actually laughed and made jokes after the live fire exercise. She will be back for the CCH class. I also told her when she left the class if the situation warranted she could leave here and go to Wally world and buy a Mossburg 500. I also told her if she did to give me a call to learn how that works.

I am truly humbled. I am making a difference in peoples lives. Right here, right now. Things I could not perceive in my life are happening to others.

For the decades of running a firearm, I again thank my Father. I also think that he is proud for the gift he gave me so long ago.


Gotta go, CCH class tomorrow! I again am truly overwhelmed at the fact that what I am teaching to me is so pedestrian yet carries great import to others!


  1. You do indeed make differences in people's lives. In this case you have made a large difference in her life. A very serious positive improvement.

    But don't forget the small improvements to people's lives that you make here in your blog. Each post that you share is a way to touch your friends lives in a positive way. Each post is a demonstration of your giving and of showing the quality of your teaching.

    Thank you, my friend - you've helped me.

  2. @ North- I am humbled by your words. I am in my opinion at best considered a "Simple Man". I am not as well read as others or as witty or talented in this media and perhaps others as well.

    You are welcome my friend! I am glad this post is back. It would not be present if not for some feedback I received.

  3. Absolutely A!

    Good on her and good on you and the brother for supporting her!!!

  4. Sounds like her X husband better watch out for her now. I'm betting that a lot of women in your classes may have learned for a similar reason.
    That piece of paper stops no one.But a bullet will.

    I'm glad to hear you could help her.

  5. Help is Good! People can only figure it out for themselves partly, at some point we all need guidance.

  6. @ Ed, True that!

    @Brooke, Yes!

    @stop, I am glad I did!

    @DirtCrashr, Help is always good!

  7. Good for you. I volunteered at one center for years. It's something that can happen to women of all walks of life and economic situations, and is much more common than we'd like to believe. Those souls that offer help and encouragement are very appreciated.

  8. @ B., Thank you for those words!