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Sunday, May 29, 2011

.22 Challenge!

Well, I can say this. I am consistent across platforms! This has been great fun and my complements to our host. It has also been very humbling. So here the rubber meets the road:

New Colt M4 in .22LR. red dot optic, no magnification.

Next up a OLD Ruger 10/22 Carbine with 2X mag red dot optic:

This was GREAT fun! Does anyone have any ideas for the next one?


  1. In the upper right target, if you press an unfired .22 round into the hole, I think you'll see you cut the white center. Same thing in the lower left. In the lower right, you cut the black.

    If you have the target, try that and see if your score isn't really a 12.

    Thanks for getting into this, and yes, I have some ideas. I am interested in making them, like this one, as broad based as possible to allow everyone that wants to participate to have that opportunity.

  2. I still have the targets. Let you know and thanks!