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Friday, May 20, 2011

Retro Friday?

I am running out of time to prepare for vacation and participate in the virtual shooting contest. So here is this, offered for your entertainment. This was back when any alarm system could be overcome with a diagonal cutter and a screwdriver! Bear with the poster below. Every show had a unique opening based on what was to follow for that show. Someone spliced several shows intros together for this:


  1. Terrific Show!
    Lalo Schifrin's theme was terrific.
    People loved the show until Watergate, when they discovered this stuff was going on, and poorly!

  2. I loved Mission Impossible.

  3. Great. Now I'm going to be walking around the house going, "Ba-da-dooo" at random. ;)

    Vacation, eh? Have a wonderful time!

  4. I always loved that show!
    Not that I'm that old (cough)

  5. @ Guffaw, I just read last week in the waiting room of my doctor there was a break in at the Watergate Hotel?

    @ Supi, Great show!

    @ Brooke, Sorry about that! Vacation involves 1200 rounds of pistol ammo!

    @ stopsign. Sure.