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Monday, May 9, 2011


Hey. I'm an electronics kind of person. I make a living out of making things that run process equipment among other things. I even have some degrees attesting to that on the "I love me" wall in the home office. So I am truly disappointed when things like this happen:

See the gismo above? It is a PACT Pro chronograph. "Gee Mr. Wizard what does it do?" I will tell you Tommy. It is supposed to report bullet velocity when you fire a bullet through a trap. I was expecting something like Feet per Second or some such out of the thing. It seems to use a super esoteric measurement system unknown to me. Every bullet fired reported a result of "No Start signal detected". At least my hand loads are consistent according to this thing! So after calling the factory I decided that no, I do not want to draw a pentagram on the floor of the range and sacrifice a live goat to this thing. How hard can a light curtain be? I used them all the time for safety controls on 4 axis robots. This thing goes back to whence it came, never to darken my doorstep again.

See this thing?

This is an Insight Laser. It came with this:

Insights slogan on the Outdoor Channel commercials is "Insight tech gear, dominate the darkness." Well you better, because heaven help you if you want the laser to uh, you know EMIT LASER RADIATION!  It may have deactivated because I took the stupid "don't look at laser with remaining good eye" warning sticker off of the gun. I mean seriously. If you are being exposed to laser from this thing, a little eye damage would be a good thing if that is all you get from it yes?

OTOH, I may have picked up a case of the outhouse touch. Similar to Midas except for gold you touch it and it turns to s**t. I did go to work today. I just did not touch anything! 


  1. Bummer - my brother has one of the cheapies and it works great for him. Chrony Beta...

    I've had those fecal touch kinda days before...hope it gets better!

  2. Scott, Welcome! Piedmont huh? Home stomping ground for me. Used to work for something called NC Works for Western Electric back in the day.


  3. Yep - sorry it took me so long to comment. (Though I emailed you the other day asking what part of Charlotte). Charlotte's home for now, but my work time is in Sylva.
    Ultimately moving back to Virginia - nearly 60 acres up there. Room enough for a private range and many other items - lol.
    (Hopefully that better explains my blogger profile!)

  4. Bummer.

    But at least you didn't do like the guy I saw last year. He set up a chronograph at the range, fired a few rounds through it, and then let this gal who was with him try it. Her first round hit the device square and pieces of it made ii as far down the line as my position. It was way cool, and I only regret not paying attention until I heard the device explode.

  5. I was wondering how that "thing" worked~Guess it doesn't.
    I found your post funny tonight~Just don't touch me TODAY. lol

  6. @ Murphy- LOL! Hell, We WANTED to shoot the thing after putzing with it for two hours!

  7. Just proves there are some days it doesn't pay to chew through the straps... Hang in there Keads!

  8. I hope today is better for you.

  9. @NFO- LOL! You are correct Sir!

    @Supi- Thanks!